Write for us

We are currently looking to for new political writers to help grow our team. We have recently had a large increase in views and want to use this to expand. Unfortunately, we cannot currently pay our writers, although we hope to change this in the near future.

We are also looking for graphic producers to produce political graphics and figures to complement our articles. If you are interested in regularly producing them for us, get in contact via the email thepeoplesnewseditor@gmail.com, or get in touch via our contact page.

Writing for The People’s News involves agreeing to contribute to the site regularly, however we appreciate that individuals will have other commitments. We pride ourselves in providing accurate, well written journalism, although previous experience in writing isn’t necessary; our team of editors will assist you if you’re struggling. We have a resident cartoonist, as well as a number of individuals who will design a graphic to support the argument of your article. We recruit individuals of any age, and encourage all our writers to actively use Twitter, as this is one of our most used forms of engagement.

If you are interested in writing for us regularly then please contact us at the above address. Please include a short biography, as well as a sample article or example of your writing.

We also rely heavily on freelance writing and so welcome all submissions. If you have an article or a pitch that you would like our editors to consider then please get in touch with us. Please include ‘submission’ and the title of the article in the subject line. Please attach the article with the Email, and we will try to reply to all submissions.