At The People's News (TPN), we pride ourselves in producing factual news for our readers. We are a young, left-leaning organisation which aims to go against the trend of click-bait articles and produce high-quality content. We believe that the power of corporate media has gone unchecked for too long and with more and more becoming aware of the corruption intertwined in politics, big business and the media. We firmly believe that society improves when people are informed. Many of our editors and writers are left wing and we are not ashamed of this, however, we are an inclusive group of people with many of us differing in opinion on many topics.

Currently, TPN is a medium sized independent media site based in the UK. TPN currently has approximately 40 writers as well as a team of editors and management. We have grown significantly over the past year and expanded our team, bringing on more talented individuals passionate about politics and journalism. We are all volunteers at TPN and see it continuing this way for now but do look to one day be in a position to pay our writers for the great content they produce.

We have created this Patreon because we want to expand our reach and deliver the high-quality content we produce to more individuals, allowing them to be involved and informed on the current political landscape. Our subscription target of $1000 would be used to increase reach through ad campaigns and social media and also help finance the maintenance needed to keep the site going as currently this money for currently comes out of writer’s backpockets.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it truly makes a huge difference.


TPN Management Team.