Council elections results – A victory for the progressives parties

The local elections in England have seen the progressive parties make large gains at the cost of UKIP. As it stands the biggest winner of the night was the Liberal Democrats. Vince Cable’s party have gained control of 4 councils and made a net gain of 75 councillors.

The Labour Party have performed well, though they went into the elections with higher expectations. Defending the most seats Labour have still made more gains, 55 councillors as it stands, yet they have lost control of 1 council. Out of seats up for election Labour hold more seats than all the other parties combined, on 2299.

It was a bad night for the Conservatives who have now lost net control of 2 councils and have a net loss of 31 councillors. UKIP, often their partners in many councils, have been nearly wiped out. Down 123 to 3 councillors, 2 of which are in Derby.

What we’ve seen is a clear shift to the left. With UKIP voters flocking to the Tories, and the promise of an exit from Brexit winning the Liberal Democrats votes it is the progressive movement that has triumphed. All 3 members of the nicknamed ‘progressive alliance’ made gains, with the Greens up 6.

Labour did not make the huge gains they were expecting, especially in London, but Labour should see this as a victory and with lots of councils shifting leftwards in their make up we might finally see some resistance to austerity from more left-wing councils.

Dan Jarvis has been elected Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, and will now seek devolved powers for the region.

All stats correct at time of publication. More follows

Analysis Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

The spin from the Tory Party is that this is a bad night for Labour. If that is the case the Tories are setting their sites low. Labour expected a big win but this is still a win for Corbyn’s party. They have more councillors in London than any time since the 1970s, it is Labour’s best result in London for 47 years, and they may also find their ambitions being achieved in councils that they don’t control thanks to their new progressive colleagues. Take Portsmouth, a result everyone will overlook. It will go from no control to no control, but in reality go from a Tory UKIP coalition, to a Lib Dem, Labour one. Quite a difference.

This result will scare the Conservative Party, should an election come they’ll be defending their seats from all directions against a very strong opposition.  Projections done by the BBC show that if this result would have been in a GE election we would have seen Labour win 283 seats, 3 more than the Tories, and enough to see them into power with help the SNP.

Retraction: Iwan previously stated that this was Labour’s best result in England for 47 years, however in every measurement Labour achieved a better result in 1996. The People’s News apologise for this error and will learn from this error in fact checking stats from other outlets.



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