Hoey could be first Labour troublemaker to be deselected

Kate Hoey could be the first Labour troublemaker to be de-selected after her CLP, Vauxhall, voted to ask for an early trigger ballot beginning the deselection process.

The MP who has been a government ally throughout the Brexit process, voting in favour of the EU withdraw bill, is extremely unpopular in her constituency which voted overwhelmingly for Remain.

The early trigger ballot would allow Vauxhall CLP to move towards deselection swiftly and should it be successful this would allow for an open selection. Vauxhall CLP have asked for an early trigger ballot so that Hoey can be deselected soon before the chance of a snap election.

A local Labour party activist, who preferred not to be named stated:

Generally both the left and right factions in the CLP tend to agree that Kate should be deselected and it’s likely most, if not all, the branches in the CLP would vote for an open selection.

However, unions and societies affiliated to the CLP also get a vote and their allegiance is less certain.

The local activist also mentioned she (Hoey) may stand down before the next election, though she has said similar things before and changed her mind, if she doesn’t he expects a different person to be the Labour candidate for Vauxhall come the next general election saying:

If she doesn’t retire, I think her time’s up. Though she’s very jammy so who knows.

Hoey could be the first Labour MP to face deselection which could spark a ripple effect within the party. Many members are unhappy with the position of their MPs on many issues and how they undermine the party leadership. Namely Chris Leslie, Frank Field and Chuka Umunna.

Hoey, however, is unique in that she supports Brexit in a very remain area, leading for both sides of the party to not be satisfied with her representation.

Momentum has campaigned, since their rise to prominence, for a full and open selection process combined with mandatory deselection. Basically the abolishing of trigger ballots and a move to a system similar to a US primary for constituencies. This would give members more democratic control and representation but those on the right of the party believe it is an attempt to get rid of MPs who do not agree with the leadership.

A desire for deselection of certain MPs has grown in popularity in 2018 after attempts by rebel MPs to undermine the party throughout the spring. Many members blame such MPs for Labour’s underwhelming council election results.



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