The Trump-Russia Investigation: Mueller To Release Further Developments To Implicate The President

Senior US Prosecutor Robert Mueller is due to release the latest findings of an official investigation into alleged Russian interference that has potentially influence the very heart of the current American government, the US Department of Justice can confirm.

The deadline is quickly counting down for the Mueller Special Counsel to explain to Washington new charges brought against Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for the 2016 Trump administration election campaign and inform the New York Justice Department the recommended sentence for Michael Cohen, a former adviser of Trump, following a deal allegedly brokered between Cohen and the special counsel to cooperate on the investigation.

Earlier this year, Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, along with several forms of fraud, and lying to Congress about plans by Trump’s companies to build a complex in Moscow. He is due to be sentenced next Friday by a New York Judge for these charges.

A week after that, Michael Flynn, a former National Security Adviser to the Trump Administration, is due to be sentenced for lying about meeting with the Russian Ambassador in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.

Around the same time, George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser of the Trump campaign, has been released from his 14-day prison sentence for lying to the authorities about his contact with Russia in 2016, he is also due to serve around 200 hours of community service.

So far, the only individual to be fully convicted by the Mueller investigation in relation to Russian collusion is Paul Manafort, who was convicted of failing to report the possession of a foreign bank account, conspiring to obstruct justice and multiple counts of fraud. Manafort also allegedly lied to the special counsel about lobbying work for Pro-Russian politicians in Europe, which was unregistered.

However, the new developments in the investigation, due to be released in the coming weeks, could see fresh links between inner-circle Trump campaign members and their links to both the Wiki-leak democratic party email hacks and the alleged Russian social media trolling and hacking scandals.

Previously, Roger Stone, a political adviser and long-time ally of Trump, was offered a plea by the counsel to cooperate with the investigation on his ties to Wiki-Leaks founder Julien Assange and the democratic party email leaks to the website, but has since decline the plea and is now awaiting charges for his collusion if there are any to be levelled.

The next few weeks will prove to be a decisive time for the Mueller investigation, and as always, the special counsel has had to navigate its way around a political minefield where the very administration that commissioned them is trying everything in their power to justify hindering and silencing proceedings. President Trump has made it very clear through his various official press briefings, and his exceptionally active twitter account that if he was given the option at any point, he would call off the investigation, with Trump condemning Mueller’s alleged ‘conflict of interest’ on Twitter today. While it is entirely possible that the special counsel may have much more damning information against the Trump administration and its allies, what to release and at what time may be vital in ensuring the President, and his newly nominated Chief of Justice and vocal critic of the special counsel’s handling of the investigation, William Barr, do not take any knee-jerk precautions to the findings, which may explain the tentative nature of the past years press releases.

The next few weeks may see the first substantive indictments against Campaign allies Cohen and Manafort and the first detailed findings of Russian collusion, and the possible scale of corruption and foreign involvement that is the price America has paid for “Draining the Swamp”.

The Capitalist and The Half Bloody Prince- The West and Saudi’s horrific relationship

In a capitalist world where the warfare and fossil fuel industry marry each other and are ideal for the elite to profit of, there is no doubt that Saudi Arabia proves to be a top customer and provider. Despite the country’s countless human rights abuses in their own country as well as in Yemen and Bahrain, business has carried on as usual. The mysterious disappearance and murder of Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi has once again, fired up the debate of whether countries should continue working with Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, the USA sold $110 billion worth of arms to its Arab ally, the UK sold $1.1 billion and Russia sold $3 billion worth of weapons. In a lot of cases, some of the weapons being sold are illegal to use, transfer or stockpile under international law, for instance, the sale of U.K made cluster bombs and their use in Yemen is a breach of the 2008 Convention of Cluster Munitions (a treaty the U.K is a signee of). Saudi Arabia’s involvement and weapon usage in Yemen has not only intensified the conflict but has been a catalyst to what the United Nations has described as “the worst humanitarian crisis” with between 8,670 to 13,600 people dead, 22 million people displaced, a cholera outbreak as well as a famine caused by the bombing of ports and farming fields. The indiscriminate and ruthless attacks by the KSA has made it difficult for aid to be brought in by aircraft.

The Kingdom’s brutal clampdown in 2011 on anti-government protesters in Bahrain through the use of excessive force and suppression is another example of a lack of regard for human rights.

The stench of human rights abuse doesn’t just stretch to Bahrain and Yemen, it reeks at home too. The Saudi Royal Family rule over their people with nothing but tyranny; from the imprisonment of Safar al Hawali after he attacked the country’s close relation to Israel in a three thousand page book, to the lynching of homosexuals to their involvement in the Khashoggi affair. This has all happened while Prince Mohammed Bin Salman shows the world the illusion of “a progressing Saudi Arabia” with the lift of the women driving ban and the opening of cinemas. To add salt to the injury, the KSA has a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

When confronted with the question of why countries still do business with the Kingdom, many politicians such as Donald Trump have come out with the same answer which is something along the lines of “Saudi Arabia is a key partner in fighting terrorism” however the extreme, twisted and warped version of Islam the Royal Family promote is the backbone of many terrorist groups in the Middle East, including the so-called “Islamic State” and Al-Qaeda (both which have committed attacks on Western soil). In fact an inquiry has gone into investigating allegations of Saudi Arabia financially funding these extremist groups and it seems as if the allegations have rung true because when asked about the inquiry during the Prime Minister’s Questions in UK Parliament, Theresa May responded that the documents contain “information which may be sensitive to the Saudis”.

Surely for any country which wishes to uphold human rights and fight terrorism, this is more than enough evidence to cut all deals with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, right? Under capitalism its economics over people hence politicians and businessmen completely overlook these atrocities. Luckily for Saudi Arabia, it has good relations with the three biggest competitors (The United States, Russia and China) in the international capitalist free market thus it is not seen as an opposition to them but an ally instead. Why not impose economic sanctions on the country in the same way America did on countries like Cuba, Russia and Venezuela? Those countries were/are opposing competitors to the USA, they are a threat to their position in the capitalist markets. Under capitalism, rivers of blood are allowed to run as long as the cash flows.

So should we, the West continue to shake hands and sign deals with the Kingdom? The answer is no, absolutely not. Their disgraceful human rights record should be enough to discontinue relations with them for any decent human. Will the Saudi’s continue being an ally to Western capitalism? Unfortunately yes and it will continue for a very long time. With the country coming close to scraping the bottom of the oil barrel, these “reforms” brought in by the Crown Prince will open the country up to more foreign businesses and building contracts thus saving it from an economic downfall and putting it one step ahead in staying immune in the international capitalist free market.

UK cannot prove nerve agent has Russian origin, despite earlier claims

Porton Down has been forced to admit that they have been ‘unable to verify’ if the nerve agent that was used to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter was of Russian origin. Experts at Porton Down, the MoD’s centre for science and technology, were unable to confirm the source of the weapon.  This follows after Porton Down were also unable to determine if nerve agent used was indeed Novichok, stating it may be a similar agent.

Boris Johnson however stated “there’s no doubt” that this agent came from Russia, heavily damaging his own credibility, and the government’s.

The government remains convinced the attack was ordered and conducted by the Russian state. Porton Down this afternoon stated, “We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific information to the Government, who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions they have come to”.

Analysis from Iwan Doherty, Founder and Editor in Chief

Boris Johnson continues to show he’s not fit for the role of Foreign Secretary with his claims about this attack. If lying about an attack that has put us on the brink of another Cold War is not enough to get you fired then I truly wonder what will be.

The government will see its credibility hit by the release of this evidence and many still dismiss the blaming of Russia as scapegoating an old enemy. This will only bring more strength to the voice of the sceptics, who have seen their case get stronger with every release of new information.

However, it is worth noting that anyone outside the government is working off rumours and fragments of information to build their conclusions. Only the security services, secret intelligence services, and the Russians know what really happened, and neither will release their files.