AROUND THE WORLD: Justin Trudeau’s Saudi arms deals showcases the dilemma of centrism.

With growing international pressure and all eyes on the Saudi regime, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he is unlikely to cancel his countries arms deals with Saudi Arabia. The statement is indicative of Trudeau’s brand of liberalism. Preformative, corrupt and ultimately broken.

Much has been said of Justin Trudeau’s reign as leader of the Liberal Party in Canada. He recently apologised for war crimes committed against indigenous people and yet despite this has committed to a Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project violating indigenous peoples land rights. Likewise whilst enthusiastically participating in a gay pride march, his administration was busy dealing with a 15 billion dollar arms deal with the notoriously homophobic Saudi regime.

The hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime is an emblematic highlight towards the problems of centrism and liberalism. Much like his co-statesmen Emmanuel Macron, whilst preaching the virtues of liberalism against the rising far right movement, Trudeau has shown himself to be no different to the previous neo-conservative governments. Following the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Canada joined the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership incorporating much of the previous agreements neo-liberal policies.

The failings and resentment feat towards the Trudeau government some up the failings of centrists to deal with the problems faced by people worldwide. Whilst attempting to counteract rising radical parties, the centrists commit to policies which only strengthen radical voices. Here in the UK, the liberals fanaticism with the EU has ignored legitimate concerns with the EU’s economic austerity policies which infamously led to the stranglehold of the Greek people by the viscous economic polices of the troika. Emmanuel Macron’s victory over National Front fascist Marine Le Pen has led to little change for the French working class. Macron has become devoted to a Thatcherite struggle against the french trade union movement in an attempt to further neoliberalise the country leading to strikes and protests.

Meanwhile in Canada, Trudeau’s attitude to the House of Saud is a clear demonstration of the west’s attitude towards the oil rich nation. Whilst a lot of attention has been drawn towards the Saudis murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi’s military operations against the Houthis in Yemen have led to a severe case of mass famine. The barbarity of the Saudi war machine has been laid out for all to see as it commits atrocity after atrocity. In spite of this western leaders, from former UK Tory prime minister David Cameron to Canadian Liberal prime minster Justin Trudeau have maintained their diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia. Whilst occasionally condemning Saudi atrocities, the west have remained favourable to the dictatorship with prizes ranging from weapon deals to seats on human rights councils.

The relationship Trudeau has with the Saudis is proof of centrism’s innate flaws. Whilst they preach of tolerance, debate and freedom, the ruling liberals of the world are prepared to drop any of their “principles” in the face of lucrative Saudi blood money. Centrism has unambiguously failed its citizens wherever it has governed. Trudeau’s Canada is just one more case and point.