Facebook fine for misuse of data equivalent to fining average Brit 32p

A Fredd0, that’s the equivalent fine handed to Facebook from the UK watchdog for data breaches. The company will be fined £500,000 for its data breaches and the Information Commisioner’s Office (ICO) will bring criminal action to Cambridge Analytica’s defunct parent company SCL Elections. Despite this, the results show how corrupt our political system remains.

Together Facebook and Cambridge Analytica pulled off one of the greatest perversions of western democracy in modern times, and the fact they will not be seriously punished is sickening.

Facebook spends eighteen times more on lobbying in America than it will be fined; a savvy investment it would seem. And whilst the ICO is looking at a criminal prosecution, the likelihood of the now closed Cambridge Analytica getting any serious fine or further repercussions is zero.

The system has become so corrupt that Facebook has been fined the equivalent to what they earn in 5 and half minutes. Clearly the fine should have been more sizeable, but it evidently demonstrates the contempt Neo-Liberalism has for democracy.

To be fined so little for such considerable damage to the United Kingdom’s and USA’s political system highlights the categorically fundamental need for reform when it comes to big business and providing justice.