AROUND THE WORLD: Venezuelan President Maduro Claims the KKK Rule The White House, Here’s Why He’s Right

In a BBC interview held this week, president Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela claimed that Donald Trump is an open white supremacist and that the Ku Klux Klan run the White House. When he made this claim, he seemed rather bemused that he had to explain this to interviewer Orla Guerin. Indeed, when you look at the bloody history of ingrained white supremacy of the United States, Maduro’s claims are not as controversial as they first appear.

An exploration of American fascism has already been touched upon in an earlier TPN article, but with Yankee chauvinism at yet another staggering high under Trump, the need to analyse the violent white supremacist nature of American exceptionalism has become vital.

Klanist thought has remained dominant in domestic American affairs. Proof of this can be found in the continued discrimination of black people in the United States. Old Jim Crow habits reared their heads in last years mid terms where, in Georgia, 50,000 mostly black votes became invalidated. Before the November election, Secretary of State Brian Kemp was sued for having found to be suppressing minority votes. The events are a reminder of America’s draconian voting laws that have, seemingly in certain areas, not moved on since the literacy tests of Jim Crow.

Whilst the KKK have died off as America’s dominant white supremacist paramilitary, their practices can still be found today in America’s heavily militarised policed force. The past few years have seen multiple controversial shootings of African Americans in the US, which has been followed by a lack of accountability or conviction of offending officers. Recent shootings and lack of prosecution are reminiscent of the era of Jim Crow where alleged murderers of black people would regularly be found not guilty by all-white juries. This issue is deep seated in the American justice system. Even today, all white juries and their allegedly racially biased decision making have remained prevalent. An earlier TPN article has outlined how US police assassinated Black Panthers and collaborated with Neo-Nazis to commit appalling acts of mass murder with impunity. Clearly domestically, Maduro’s claims of an America dominated by Ku Kluxism rings true.

Trumps own white supremacy has been examined in another TPN article, but whilst his far right flirtations (enabling of fascist violence of Charlottesville and sharing of Britain First Islamophobic posts) need to be showcased, they are hardly anything new. The United States was built on the idea of Manifest Destiny, an imperialist notion that holds that the US was destined by God to expand its dominion and spread capitalism. It is the very foundation of American fascist exceptionalism and its widespread propagation that directly led to the genocide of America’s indigenous populations.

Maduro’s claims are most evident in the blood-soaked history of American foreign policy. This is where it becomes obvious where Maduro’s thinking, with regards to the current coup in Venezuela, comes from. In Chile, the CIA (whilst “making the economy scream”) backed the neo-fascist Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front paramilitary group in an attempting to sabotage the democratically elected socialist Allende government. In Bolivia, the US forces used the “Butcher of Lyon” and Gestapo functionary Klaus Barbie to track down and execute Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. In Indonesia, the US embassy handed out lists of suspected communists to far right death squads who embarked on the genocide of over half a million people. And in perhaps the most staggering and shady example, the US heavily participated in NATO stay behind operations in Italy and Turkey. Operation Gladio, as it was known, led to the Strategy of Tension model where US backed neo-fascist terrorists who would commit disgusting acts of terror and blame them on radical left groups.

The list of examples of American support for foreign fascists is endless. Even recently, as detailed in a TPN article, it was discovered that American Nazi riot participants had been trained by Ukrainian Nazis whom have previously found themselves in possession of Pentagon weapons and used them to commit pogroms against Ukraine’s Roma population. The history of homicidal white supremacy is astounding and supports Maduro’s claims to the utmost extent.

With all this in mind it should hardly be surprising that there is truth to Maduro’s claims, which no doubt seem outlandish to the naive supporters of American “democracy”. The useful idiots and stooges of US imperialism should note America’s viscous white supremacy when it comes to the coup in Venezuela. The coup is being partly directed by Elliot Abrams who is currently being questioned by Congress over the role he played in propagating and covering up the El Mozoto massacre which featured the mass rape and murder of children as young as two, as outlined in a previous TPN piece.

Whilst it first may seem spurious to claim that the United States (which is allegedly the bastion of democracy around the globe) is run by the Klan, the practices and thought processes of American elites from the foreign policy propagators to the CIA, police, and justice system all point to a narrative that the US is gripped by an ideology of Klan-like white supremacy. As of today, this very grip seems all the more vice-like and unshakeable.

Sam Glasper is TPN’s foreign affairs correspondent and studies Politics at Manchester Metropolitain University.

How America Whitewashed And Destroyed The Black Power Movement, 90 years on from the birth of MLK.

This week marked 90 years since the birth of one the most famous figureheads of the civil rights movement; Dr Martin Luther King, a southern baptist who rallied against the United States’ draconian racially segregated society. As a radical preacher who rallied against inequality, housing crises, poverty and the Vietnam War, King was an outcast in the political scene. Now he has become a staple of modern America. Streets are named after him, holidays are celebrated and his image has been re-purposed to that of an American hero. Before his martyrdom, this was not the case.

In a 1966 poll,  63 percent of Americans had an unfavourable opinion of King. By 1987, almost 75 percent of Americans had a favourable rating of King. What is the reason behind this rapid turnaround? The answer is his murder at the hands of a white supremacist combined with his mostly passive from of resistance. This alleged passivity is what makes him the go-to radical icon for the American establishment. This is a whitewash, it defangs Kings movement which included many militant blacks willing to take on white supremacy head on. King himself was especially critical of whites and the role they played in upholding white supremacy stating “First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.”

Yet despite this, on Twitter both the CIA and the FBI wrote in remembrance of the civil rights leader. The hypocrisy is astounding. King was a victim to the FBI’s COINTELPRO, a programme that targeted and sought to destroy radical groups in the United States. Believing King to be a communist, the FBI reportedly sent him a letter which King interpreted as a suggestion to kill himself.

King is not the only victim of the US governments targeting and later whitewashing. Perhaps even more mind-boggling, the US’s canonisation of Malcolm X is remarkable considering X’s militant black separatist and Islamic virtues. The US government eventually awarded X a postage stamp, despite similarly surveilling X and sowing discontent within the Nation of Islam which would eventually lead to his assassination.

The case of the Black Panthers is another one of bewilderment. In her performance at the Super Bowl, Beyonce paid a homage to the Black Panthers on the world stage for all to see. What is probably forgotten is that the Panthers were an armed group of Marxist-Leninist’s who supported the DPRK.  Any sort of homage to them at Americas premier sporting event is startling to say the least. Namely also due to fact that the Panthers were viciously targeted by COINTELPRO. In perhaps the most heinous example, the young 21 year old chairman of the Chicago Black Panther Party Fred Hampton was murdered by armed police who shot over a hundred rounds into his room whilst he slept. He was later found to have been shot twice in the head at point blank range in a clear act of state murder. His corpse was then unceremoniously dragged out of the apartment whilst white officers smiled.

The FBI’s lack of self awareness in the tweet mentioned earlier is not a mistake. The whitewashing of the Black Power movement after its destruction is a deliberate act to fit in with the US establishments narrative of history. In moments like this, it is important to remember those acts and victims of establishment white supremacy which are forgotten. On this point, this year also marks the 40th anniversary since the Greensboro massacre where multiple black Maoist workers were shot at and killed by Klansmen and Neo-Nazis with police collusion.

When the establishment seeks to re-purpose the message of King, X and the Panthers, it must be reminded of its role in the destruction of the Black Power movement and be held to full account for the deaths of its protagonists. Only then can the white supremacy that King, X and the Panthers rallied against start to be successfully combated.