Don’t trust the Liberal Democrats, they are not Pro-NHS

Don’t trust the LibDems. Now they claim to be Anti-Tory warriors but let’s be honest, when the right time comes, they will jump into another coalition with the Tories and like they did in the Nick Clegg years and support the Privatisation of our National Health Service.

Over the last few years we have seen the continued sale of chunks of the NHS to private companies like Virgin Care. The Liberal Democrats may now act innocent, claiming they are no longer in government so this has nothing to do with them, however NHS privatisation is direct result of their actions in the Coalition Government.

The current NHS privatisation is mostly due to the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, which greatly accelerated the sale of NHS assets. Prior to 2012, NHS privatisation did occur and can even traced back to the John Major years. However, it was only after the 2012 Health & Social Care act that NHS privatisation has become so dominant.

The Liberal Democrat’s leadership backed this act all the way. In fairness, there was some resistance from Liberal Democrat rank-and-file members, but this resistance was easily defeated and the party ended up helping this act pass which has since delivered a heavy blow for the NHS.

This act did not privatise the NHS overnight, however what it did do is open the door to NHS privatisation. It set out a range of measures which meant private companies could now come in like never before and buy up parts of the health service.

The Liberal Democrats now make a number of excuses for their actions during the coalition days, yet if they really were Pro-NHS then why are they not doing anything to stop the continued privatisation of the service now?

If this was all in the past and they had no choice to back the Health and Social Care Act, then why are they not fighting NHS privatisation in 2019? Why are they not joining with Labour, the Greens and NHS campaigners to fight what is going on?

The reason is that they, and especially their new leader Jo Swinson, do not believe in the NHS. They are not Socialists, and will never fight for the NHS and, if it politically suits them, will vote to fully privatise it and turn it into a US-style insurance based system.

Back when the #EUref was taking place & now during the Brexit debate the NHS has been used as a political football, where all sides claim to love it and state that if voters support their side then the NHS will be protected.

This is the same with the Liberal Democrats. They may tweet here and there, giving the impression they love the NHS, but in reality they care little for it and cannot be trusted to protect it.

At the moment, Brexit is obviously dominating the debate and as a result the Liberal Democrats have had a bit of a boost with their hard Pro-EU line, however this may fool a great number of people into believing the Liberal Democrats care for the NHS.

With this, a great danger is brought, in which the total destruction of the NHS becomes a real possibility and with the Liberal Democrats having a record of voting for NHS privatisation, people who truly love the NHS could end up voting for a party that leads to its destruction.