Israeli PM Netanyahu Indicted On Bribery Charges As Gaza Bombed Once More

Sam Glasper is Head of Foreign Affairs at TPN and studies at the University of Durham

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has took another beating from his corruption charges after he was indicted on allegations of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen and dispensing favours in an attempt to get more positive press coverage. The head strung hard right PM responded to the allegations with a 15 minute rant, denouncing the proceedings as a “coup” but the cracks have already begun to show in the PM’s own party. The opposition will also seek to capitalise on this but with no majority in the parliament and murky legal waters on a potential resignation, the future of Israel party politics is unclear.

A number of incidents in the last few weeks involving Israel though have been nothing but clear. In what is now seemingly a monthly occurrence, the midnight sky of the Gaza Strip was lit up by Israeli warplanes. In a series of airstrikes meant to assassinate Palestinian militant fighter Baha Abu al-Ata, the Israeli’s also found their mark when an airstrike butchered eight members of the same family including children. The murders barely made an impact on mainstream news sources as the world seems to have cynically become used to the mass killings that occur time and time again in the land of Palestine.

A barefoot Palestinian child looks upon the aftermath of an Israeli strike

These events occurred alongside the March of Return border protests being called off for second week, as Hamas seeks restraint in a desperate attempt to alleviate the horrid conditions faced upon those living in the Gaza Strip. Previous marches have led to IDF snipers callously killing scores of unarmed Palestinians as the world watched on. There was once a time where the great theorists of post-colonialism, Edward Said and Eqbal Ahmad, had recommended to PLO leader Yasser Arafat that the Palestinian masses should march to the border unarmed as a better means of direct struggle. But even today, this tactic has only led to the murder of many a Palestinian whilst the world looked on uncaring. And nowhere was this uncaring attitude more symbolised than in the United States of America.

Whilst Gaza faced the wrath of merciless bombardment, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced that the United States now considers the Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be legal. Its a clear slap in the face of international law that deems the settlements to be illegal. This though, has never stopped US funding to the Israelis in the past and now any pretensions of following international law can be dropped for undying rampant support for Israel. The reasoning is clear though, for Israel is little more than a settler state built on the foundations of US imperialism.

US monetary support was always a given for the Israeli government, but now it can solidly rely on US support for its illegal activities. Even Reagan, who gave the green light to the extermination campaign of the Mayan Ixil population during the bloody Central American civil wars, once threatened to cut off US weapons funding for Israel after its brutal siege of the city of Beirut (he, of course, did not do so in the end). Now though, the US empire is so naked in its ambitions it does not even pretend to care for Israels victims.

The ruins of the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium from the Siege of Beirut during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the 1980’s

The future of the Palestinians may well be a bleak one. With Zionist settlements expanding and a lack of care on the world stage for the plight of the Palestinians, a single state society that mirrors that of Apartheid South Africa could be worryingly on the horizon. But the Palestinians have faced unspeakable terror down before and have remained resilient. Its a testament to their character that they have continued to persevere in spite of the odds stacked against them. Despite a lack of recognition and a split political base, the masses have remained headstrong in the face of oppression. Their direct action tactics and international solidarity through the use of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, could potentially see a hit-back against the Israeli governments current direction. For as long as the occupation occurs in the land of Palestine, the masses will resist it with all their might. Even if they have to go up against the ruthless beast of US imperialism and its attack dogs.


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