US Backed Coup Against President Morales Threatens Genocide For Indigenous Population

The agents of mass murder imperialism have showed their claws once again as President Evo Morales of Bolivia was forced to step down in a military coup, supported by US intelligence. It comes after a campaign of right wing violence directed against local socialist politicians with lynchings and firebombings occurring across the nation.

Bolivian opposition protesters riding through the street with a swastika on full display

The coup should come as no surprise to those of us who are aware of US meddling in Latin America, and Bolivia especially. Bolivia has faced down a tragic history of murder and deceit at the hands of US aligned forces. Most famously perhaps was the Cocaine Coup of 1980, wherein US intelligence officer and former Nazi official “The Butcher of Lyon” Klaus Barbie assisted in a bloody US backed coup. The Gestapo war criminal would also help the United States to track down and murder Che Guevara whilst in Bolivia.

The current coup is one that bares the fundamental marks of a modern US backed coup in the region. Like Venezuela and Honduras before them, reactionary protesters have rejected Morales democratic mandate with bogus claims of fraud which promptly led to the rightists goosestepping along the streets of the capital ready to maim and murder. Its a tale as old as time, and bares an uncanny resemblance to the neo-fascist Father and Liberty group’s activity during the coup against the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende in 1973.

Far right Bolivian protesters prepared to wreak havoc in the nation

The success of Morales was clear for all to be seen. As the first indigenous president of the country he nationalised key industries and used aggressive social spending to reduce extreme poverty by more than half, build a nation with modern infrastructure, and lower Bolivia’s Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality, by a stunning 19 percent. For much of Bolivia’s majority-indigenous population in particular, his tenure marks the first time that they’ve lived above poverty and benefited from their country’s tremendous natural resources.

Now though, has come the bitter counter-revolution. Reactionaries swarm the streets whilst the military turns craven and completes the process of the coup. It is not over though for the indigenous masses of Bolivia though. Seeing the neo-colonial project as the racially charged counter-revolution it is, indigenous communities have been fighting back showing they will not let this coup go unanswered. Militant action begins to develop on the streets of Bolivia and it can only be hoped that the forces of progress emerge victorious.

A racist slogan stating “Long live Bolivia, free of natives”, on full display on the roads of post-coup Bolivia

History repeats itself once again it seems as the bloodthirsty imperialists begin to swarm like vultures around Bolivia. Their intentions are as abhorrent as they come, the plundering of resources and the decimation of the indigenous masses who fully intend on stopping them. Genocide may very well be on the horizon for South Americas indigenous peoples, and it comes from the bloodstained hands of American foreign policy.

Sam Glasper is Head of Foreign Affairs at TPN and studies at the University of Durham


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