European Elections 2019: Brexit Party clears the stage

The 2019 European Election have been recently released, with the Brexit Party gaining the highest percentage of votes in every UK area except Scotland.

The United Kingdom is divided into 12 regions, each of which tallies votes from constituents to elect a number of MEPs to represent the region in the European Parliament.

Out of the first 46 MEPs declared so far, the Brexit Party has won 21 seats, with the Liberal Democrats having the second highest number of seats at 10 seats.

Both the Labour Party and the Conservatives reached an all-time low number of seats with 7 and 2 respectively.

In the East of England, one of the first regions to declare it’s results, 3 Ministers of European Parliament were elected for the Brexit party, followed by two for the Liberal Democrats, one Green Party MEP, and a single Conservative MEP, with no Labour candidates being elected.

Similar advances by the Brexit Party were made in the West Midlands, gaining 37% of the public vote, followed by the Labour party, having narrowly beaten the Liberal Democrats.

In London, the Liberal Democrats gained the lead, with a 27.2% share of the vote, followed closely by the Labour Party at 24%.

However, in Scotland, a considerably different political outlook was seen in Scotland, where the Scottish Nationalist Party gained 38.7% of Scotland’s popular vote, followed by the Brexit Party at 15.7%.

Overall, from the first half of the results in the European Elections have seen considerable gains by both the Brexit Party, the Green Party, and the Liberal Democrat Party. The two largest parties in establishment politics, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party, have also taken a considerable beating in the elections, barely scoring higher than a single candidate for each region. In both voter share, and the number of seats won so far, the Conservative party is now 5th in the election, with a 15% reduction in voter share from last European Elections countrywide. 

Both the United Kingdom Independence Party and Change UK have both seen a considerable lack of popularity, not gaining a single candidate so far in any region.



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