Brexit Party North East candidate found to be living in France

Brexit Party front-man and North East Minister for European Parliament candidate Brian Monteith was found to have listed his official address as being in France while campaigning in the European Elections.

Voters who checked electoral material before they were due to cast a vote yesterday found that one of the lead candidates for the Brexit Party in that area had actually registered with an address in Southern France.

The candidate in question is Brian Monteith, who served as a Conservative member of the Scottish Parliament for 8 years, and has recently joined the newly formed Brexit Party.

While Monteith had been outside electoral politics since ending his term as a member of Scottish Parliament in 2007, he played a prominent role in the controversial Leave.EU campaign, led by hard-Brexit supporter Aaron Banks before joining back into front line politics for the European Elections.

In 2015, Leave.EU appointed Monteith as its Head of Press, following a term as the Communications Director for a different pr0-leave organisation, Global Britain. 

The Leave.EU’s aggressive social media campaign, and its use of invasive targeting methods through the now disbanded data organisation Cambridge Analytica and frequent misinformation about European migration statistics, was widely believed to be a contributing factor to the results of the 2016 European Referendum, and it was found recently that Leave.EU’s leader may be investigated for payments made to Nigel Farage following the European Referendum totalling almost £450,000.

In an interview conducted by the Chronicle, the MEP candidate didn’t clarify that he would relocate to the North East should he win the election, or even whether he would move back to the United Kingdom should a no-deal Brexit be enacted.

Unlike electoral law in the United Kingdom, the European Union does not specify a political candidate must live in the region they run for office within, or even the same country as they wish to represent. 

In response to being asked whether it is important for an MEP candidate in the North East to be from that part of the country, Monteith said that “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be from here… This is about Europe”.


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