Knife Crimes Surge in the UK: Why police raise it as a “National Emergency

In a span of fewer than two weeks, 3 teenagers were stabbed in Birmingham, prompting West Midlands Police to raise knife crimes to a national emergency.

Crimes that involve knife attacks have been steadily increasing in the country.

This alarming statistic adds more heat to the 12 fatal cases of stabbing in London just in 2019 alone. The country is under pressure to address the root cause of this problem, and the police are encouraging parents and families to address violence among youths.

The Office for National Statistics even shows that, in spite of the UK’s booming economy, crime rates have steadily risen, with robberies at knife point increasing by 17 percent.

The youth are the primary targets of these crimes, and most knife-related attacks are on those aged between 10 and 19. Officials have said that this is due to the accessibility of knives everywhere, and that something should be done to address the problem.

The number of crimes related to stabbing or knife injuries has been steadily growing since early 2017, and more and more families are being devastated across the country. It’s almost impossible to go a week without hearing of another incident on the news, and panic is starting to spread throughout the UK.

Police officers are urging retailers of knives to practice discernment, especially when selling to minors. The problem is now commonly being referred to as an “epidemic”, and officials are desperate to find a way to resolve this.

The police force is now seeking the assistance of families, to assist in remedying this pressing national concern. By being able to spot acts or signs of violence at home, they believe that the crime rate can eventually be lowered.

Recent reports indicate that there is a high correlation between drugs and social media with the increase in knife incidents in the country.

In addition, according to local police, these incidents could have been prevented if it wasn’t for the previous budget cuts.

The YMCA has even backed this up by saying that the budget allocation for youth services have been cut drastically by around £750m since 2010-11 across England and Wales, with the West Midlands and North West taking the hardest hit.

Concerned citizens are raising the question of the youth’s access to support groups and recreational activities. They say that without a safe place for young ones to meet, they turn to shady places. Teenagers or young adults will turn to meet in “takeaways” and this is where violence brews.

Youth advocates add that “postcode wars”, drug dealing, the influence of social media, and brewing gang wars have effectively made the situation worse.


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