The case for boycotting those who embolden the far-right

What an interesting, yet utterly deplorable situation we have found ourselves to be in today. Interesting in the sense that I feel that this current political context that we seem to be surrounded in today is, arguably, one of the most interesting political times in the last 100 years. Brexit; a government with the largest amount of parliamentary defeats; the economy taking a turn for the worse. Has there has never been this much disposition towards both leaders of the two main political parties?

Deplorable in the sense that, due to this debauchery, there has been a seeping and almost intrinsic crack in the heart of this fine nation. A political divide has swept across Britain, bitter and hostile, bringing out the worst in everyone. It is now ‘us’ against ‘them,’ the ‘Leavers’ vs the ‘Remainers,’ – all this competition has made us forget the power of communion and reconciliation. Symptomatic of this tumultuous political climate, of course, is the rise of the far-right.

What is even more beguiling is that the far-right is genuinely being normalised by the mass media. The most watched shows in Britain, such as GMB and the BBC News are literally giving screen time to ‘activists’ such as Tommy Robinson. Nigel Farage has his own LBC Radio Show. Why? The reason for it is sick.

You see, for these big media companies, their main driving force is profit. And we all know controversy leads to hype, and hype leads to more listeners, and more listeners mean more money. They don’t care about us, nor the will of the people, they only care about themselves.

We can’t physically hurt these companies of course, our voices are too weak to be heard by them, so how do we get across our frustration to them?

Boycott them.

Hurt them economically. That’s where it’ll really hurt them. Right in the gut. That’s where they’ll suffer the most damage, as monetary value seems to be their only goal in life, irrespective of the damage they cause to the general populace. It is time to give the big far-right loving capitalistic corporations a taste of their own medicine.

I am fed up with the normalisation of bigotry and the far-right, and the general contempt people have with Parliament today. They are the reason we are so divided today, not us.


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