This week’s: In case you missed it

This week’s news that you may have missed with some comical takes from the TPN team.

Here doggy…

A family in Germany have had their dog sold on eBay for $850, as a German town council looked to recuperate money as the family defaulted on debts. A Police officer eventually bought the pug. Apparently the abnormally low price has been caused upheaval in the local press. The story doesn’t stop there… the town may soon be sued as the new owner has been made to fork out over $2000 for Veterinary costs as the pug has had to undertake FIVE surgeries.

TPN Comment: If it seems too good to be true…

Parliament play: No, you choose, no you choose…

In what is quite literally surprising to no one, Parliament has differed making a decision on our future relationship with the EU. Despite, voting to reject no-deal, party before country has taken prominence again, as just minutes apart the Common’s voted to keep Theresa May in charge of negotiations. She is now expected to bring the vote to the commons for a THIRD time… quite incredibly expecting a different result.

TPN Comment: It is quite difficult to imagine what we do when the vote is rejected once again, politicians are in disarray, opponents of referendums will be rubbing their hands together, if situations such as these arise on topics this complex, why on earth were the people given a say in the first place. It is ironic to see Brexiteers slowly coming to the realisation that the monster they have unleashed will soon be their own reckoning, the distancing from the subject is quite embarrassing.

The Betting: May to leave as PM in April, 3/1. Her deal to be rejected for a third time 1/10.

Kocner charged with murder of Slovak journalist

An excerpt from our Deputy Editor in Chief’s Friday analysis as the news broke that Marian Kocner had been charged with the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his wife to be. Jan was investigating the Slovak Government, corruption, links to the Italian Mafia and prominent Slovak businessman.

‘Though to take someone else’s life, how bad must it have been? How deep must this have run, who might have been exposed in such a scandal? These are questions for future journalists, who will likely work in fear of exposing a deeply corrupt and callous establishment. The irony is that for so many years, the Slovak people were so fed up and resigned to the fact that this was occurring that they let the politicians be. Now you have a resurgent opposition that looks likely to push the governing party. This is a dark stain on the country’s identity.’

Treasure the vote?

Staying on the theme of Slovak politics, with the Presidential elections set to start on the 16th of March running until the 30th. Noemi Kuban, a 20-year-old student at the Royal Academy of Art the Hague has undertaken a mammoth 40-hour journey in order to go and vote. Andrej Kiska the incumbent will not be running for re-election.  

TPN Comment: This is quite inspiring.

The Betting: The chances of someone in the U.K. doing this are next to none.

Mike Pence hosts Leo Varadkar and his partner

Mike Pence hosted Leo Varadkar and his partner, and in a speech the Irish PM highlighted various forms of intolerance and discrimination. Just months ago, it was leaked that Donald Trump is planning to end almost all civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community.

TPN Comment: There is no end to the political leaders that have managed to use their platform to highlight the injustices that Donald Trump and his administration are causing.

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