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TPN’s Weekly Round-Up is finally here.

Elizabeth Warren wages war on Tech Giants

The Democratic Presidential candidate has announced that she will reverse mergers and takeovers by large tech giants. With democratic-socialism and even socialism entering mainstream political debate in America for the first time, candidates are seeking to radicalise their agenda in a crowded field. Her planned reforms include reversing Facebook’s merger with Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Betting: Elizabeth Warren is currently 8/1 on Betfair, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke currently lead the way.

TPN Comment: As a friend said to me this week, it’s hard to see how such proposals would be implemented or how she wins given that Facebook et al, literally control the news.

Welcoming change in attitudes towards immigration

Quite astonishingly British attitudes towards immigration have changed markedly in previous years, in 2011, 64% of people had a negative view of immigration, now that figure lies at just 26%. It comes after a series of hostile announcements from the PM, including introducing a 30k minimum earnings limit and calls from business owners of all sizes criticising the Government, including ignoring the evidence that the skills shortage will only increase. The health industry is one of the sectors expected to suffer worst.

TPN Comment: It’s almost as if, if the mainstream media don’t pander to the racist right-wing print rags that print complete and utter drivel scapegoating migrants, public perception changes. It is deeply unfair and hence all at TPN long that this trend continues.

Adam and Eve – The apple saga continues.

Every satirical comedy show will have watched with glee as (intentionally or not is unknown), Donald Trump called Tim Cook – Tim Apple… live… on TV…

The Betting: 1/100, quite literally nothing surprises us anymore.

TPN Comment: We know that the happily wedded couple sleep in separate bedrooms, but did we all see the picture of Trump visiting Alabama, with what looked quite incredibly nothing like Melania. Judge for yourselves.

Second referendum supporters, watch this space

Steven Barclay, the Brexit Secretary has met with Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson over their amendment. The plan would see MP’s vote for Theresa May’s deal on the condition that the deal is put to the country, with remaining in the EU the alternative on the ballot. Opinium polling suggests that if they were the only two options, 46% of respondents would vote to remain in the EU vs 35% for the Government’s deal, amazingly 19% responded they do not know.  

TPN Comment: The liberal-elite should be careful what they wish for, they have learned very little and with Labour reportedly ready to back the amendment a second referendum would open a vicious can of worms, this will likely end badly.


Mystic Meg: Could Kier Starmer really leave the Labour front-bench as he looks to launch his Labour leadership bid?

The Betting: 8/1.


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