Labour voters back move to support People’s Vote if Labour’s deal isn’t delivered

A recent poll has estimated Labour voters back Labour’s move to support a People’s Vote if they cannot get their own Brexit deal through Parliament. However, the majority of voters believe they were wrong to do so.

Labour voters backed the move 58/23 but when taking the whole electorate into consideration voters were 37/42 against. Voters below 50 also supported the move with 18-24s backing the move 47/31 and 24-49-year-olds backing it 43/28.

Only 64% of remainers endorse the move with leavers are against it 75/10. 12% of Conservative voters back the move and 63% of Liberal Democrats.

The worry for Labour is the regional balance of the support. Only voters living in Scotland and London support the move. With it being most unpopular in the Midlands and Wales, only 32% of voters backed the move from these regions.

Corbyn annouced on Monday that the Labour Party would back a second referendum Commons vote if the Party’s own alternative Brexit plan fails to get a majority vote on Wednesday, leaving the only other option for Brexit being a “damaging Tory Brexit”. However, the Party leader hasn’t included a possibility of a second referendum on the amendment to the Tory Brexit bill due to be released on Wednesday.

Corbyn has also confirmed that the party will support a cross-party amendment focused on ruling out the possibility of the United kingdom leaving the European Union under a no-deal scenario.

David Lammy, prolific supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said in response to the Party’s move that it is “welcome news” that the Party will now “accept the principle of giving the public the final say on Brexit”.

However, an estimated 70 Labour MPs have stated that they would vote to stop a second referendum, highlighting the deep divides in the Party on the issue currently, leading many to speculate that the Labour Leader doesn’t intend to follow through with the promise, and is instead hoping that the amended deal is accepted by Parliament on Wednesday.

Jeremy Corbyn today wrote to Conservative and DUP MPs to urge them to support Labour’s amendment to make its credible alternative plan the UK’s Brexit negotiating position.



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