Jeremy Corbyn: Independent Splitters Have ‘No Problems With Austerity’

Jeremy Corbyn attended a Labour rally in Anna Soubry’s East-Midlands constituency of Broxtowe this morning. The Labour-Leader made a campaign-esque speech in-front of thousands of Labour voters and members. The constituency of Broxtowe is a marginal one, with a fiery and passionate Labour party hoping to capitalise on Anna Soubry’s split from the Tory party.

Corbyn hit out at the newly formed Independent Group and openly criticised Soubry and his ex-colleagues. He said he was sad some of his MP’s had left the party, but he wouldn’t be changing policy to suit them. Restating his current policies many times.

“I’m disappointed that a small number of Labour MPs have decided to leave our party and join forces with disaffected Tories, who say they have no problem with austerity that has plunged thousands into desperate poverty and insecurity,” he said.

“Our programme for change won huge support in the general election because we offered hope, instead of the same old establishment demand for cuts, privatisation and austerity. That’s why we now back public ownership of the utilities and railways, why we now oppose tuition fees and corporate giveaways, and why we’re no longer afraid to ask the rich to pay their fair share of tax.”

He then went on to discuss the nationwide youth climate strikes,

“They were condemned by Tory ministers because they said they should have been studying … they should be working, they shouldn’t be doing all that,” he said. “All I simply say to them is ‘thank you for educating all of us that day.”

Corbyn was joined at the rally by John McDonnel and Emily Thornberry, among others.

When talking about the antisemitism issues within the party, Corbyn said: “I’m proud to lead a party that was the first ever to introduce race relations legislation and also to pass the equality act and the human rights act into the statute book. Antisemitism is unacceptable in any form and in any way whatsoever, and anywhere in our society.”

He went on to heavily criticise the voting records of Anna Soubry and Chris Leslie, the later defecting from Labour to form The Independent Group. Labour’s candidate for the Broxtowe, Greg Marshall, called for a by-election, claiming Corbyn was in Broxtowe more often than Soubry, she holds a slim majority of 863 votes.


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