The Conservatives are committing mass Manslaughter by Gross Negligence, here’s how over 320,000 lives are at risk.

Tonight, more than 320,000 lives will be at risk. With heavy snow and cold weather due to take the UK by storm, homeless people will be at risk once more.

While you’re lying all snug tonight, spare a thought for homeless people. Tonight, the UK is set to be battered and torn by below freezing winds, 3 inches of snow and very heavy rain. More than ever, homeless lives will be at risk from Hypothermia.

The Tories continue to turn a blind eye to Homelessness, with an estimated homeless population of around 329,000. And it’s growing. The Conservatives policies of extreme austerity continue to tear the United Kingdom apart. Homeless shelters have less funding than ever before, and poverty levels are the highest they’ve been since the great depression.

Cuts to the education sector have resulted in teachers having to pay for glue sticks and paper out of their own wages. Further Education Colleges are struggling to fully provide A-Level qualifications and Primary Schools across the country are cutting back on enrolment to try and save money.

The Irony of this is, I am currently writing this from a table in the corner of my local Conservative club. My mother works a part-time job here, it was the only she could find, and she still doesn’t bring in enough money to cover our rent or bills. I am surrounded by Tories. On a night where they should be worrying about Homelessness, they are instead pondering what to have for lunch, or how many foxes’s they killed on their latest hunt.

Homelessness continues to be ignored. Numbers are rising, people are dying and yet the government does nothing. Amber Rudd’s DWP continues to set unrealistic requirements for benefits. The NHS is unable to provide comprehensive cover for its patients. All as a result of austerity.

The top 1% of our country owns 99% of the wealth. Tim Martin, CEO and Founder of Weatherspoon’s, pays his workers poverty wages and refuses to admit, discuss it or acknowledge what he’s doing is wrong. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon continues to pay less than 0.01% Tax on profits made in this country. James Dyson has moved his company to Singapore, meaning they no longer pay UK tax.

The issue is, in a world where political correctness and media knowledge take priority over everything, homelessness should have been eradicated years ago. We have moved on to what the Tories consider ‘more pressing issues. This means that, despite all the reminders, they continue to disregard homelessness and poverty entirely. The reality of it is, what the Tories are doing is manslaughter by gross negligence.

The Office for National Statistics reported over 1,200 homeless deaths in 2018, a 100.5% increase from 2017. That’s over double 2017’s statistics. The Conservatives negligence of homeless has become unbearable. It’s time, for our own good, that we rise up against the Tories and prove that homelessness is a pressing issue of the highest order.



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