US firms announce that they want relaxed regulations in return for trade deal, including the use of chemicals in beef.

As expected, US firms have announced that they will seek to lower health standards and relax regulations in order to secure a trade deal with the country across the pond. The meat-lobby wants the sale of growth hormone-fed beef, which is currently banned in the U.K. under EU regulations.

There are particularly concerning developments within farming groups that advocate a move away from EU standards, including rules governing genetically modified crops, antibiotics in meats, and pesticides.

The BBC reported that, the pressure does not stop there, and the lobby group’s priorities were outlined in more than 130 comments submitted to the office of US Trade Representative.

Though a trade deal is likely to depend on our future relationship with Europe which is likely to be left to Theresa May’s successor. The legal document says that the future trading relationship will be negotiated in the coming years. Though as Macron and Merkel have both alluded to, a closer trading relationship will mean abiding to European standards, with an emphasis on the fact that the U.K. should not undercut European regulations, be that on tax, the environment or food standards.

It is such differences in culture and values that have prevented the U.S. and the EU on negotiating a comprehensive trade deal thus far in history.

It should be noted that an undercover investigation in Poland has revealed significant flaws in Environmental standards in the EU. Where cows were seen to be in awful conditions without necessary checks, and because of the way that the customs union and single market work, checks will not have taken place, which is a significant worry as Poland exports 80% of its beef. Though the EU response has been effective, with a comprehensive review of Polish agriculture underway with the cooperation of many EU states to resolve the issue.

Those that warned of what would happen and what would be at stake when we prioritised a trade deal with the U.S. over our continued membership with the European Union, were cited as being members of the project fear brigade. Where are those Brexiteers now?

Analysis by Deputy Editor in Chief – Seb Chromiak

Ask yourself if this is what you voted for, more importantly, is this what Brexit voters voted for? Did you vote for the quality of your beef to be lowered and be injected with chemicals and other atrocities? Or did you value the regulations that were enforced by the EU on a 28 country-scale?

In Brexit utopia, this was always the vision that Brexiteers had for the country, to lower standards in order to appease those across the pond. Your welfare is not a priority. Though, there is still time to change the course of direction, with heavy influence from the ERG, it is little wonder that environmentalists are predicting that the U.K. will cosy up to those across the pond. A closer economic relationship with the EU will also maintain regulations and rights, neoliberals will call it red tape, when in fact it should be our red lines.


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