Mrs May and her meaningless mandate will be rejected in Brussels, this should come as no surprise

My Slovak uncle recently emailed me on Brexit, saying people on the continent had lost their patience with the arrogance of British politicians. He added that, the political state of a country is generally a reflection of the people living within said nation. The Slovak people should know, former President Robert Fico and his gang of bandits have left a national stain on the country. Brexit is heading for a similar direction.

It was telling then that this morning whilst scanning through Twitter, at last European newspapers started to question the sanity of the British parliament. Tagesspiegel in Germany called last nights voting, ‘nothing less than the biggest political crisis on the island since World War II.’ They were deeply cynical of the role that Theresa May has played in escalating and allowing such a situation to unfold.

We have had many fantastic opinion pieces on what Brexit is founded upon, whether it be the vision of an ultra-capitalist state, or fond memories of British imperialism, the reality is, it is now a national embarrassment, that is something that we should collectively acknowledge and own. Week after week Europeans must cringe at the political play that is Westminster politics. This political play is less Oscar Wilde and more infant school, it reeks of havoc and mismanagement, though unlike the fantasy you may see in Palais Garnier, the Tory party is putting on a show in the House of Commons, one that will affect millions of lives. Beth Rigby closing the show last night and calling out Boris Johnson on his endless fantasies and deliberate misinformation as deluded was quite fitting.  

Yesterday’s vote in the House of Common’s on Graham Brady’s amendment is further proof of this, giving Theresa May a mandate to go back to Brussels, to renegotiate. Renegotiate what? The BBC was reporting that Brussel had already prepared a draft statement rejecting said amendment, saying that the legal text was not going to be delved into. Yet, once again it falls onto deaf ears. It is such hubris that has led to the Government pursuing a path of exiting the EU with limited support and consensus on what it should look like. From the offset our redlines have made a deal that was envisioned by Theresa May quite frankly, impossible. The EU responded with, if this is your negotiating position, this is what we can offer.

Mrs May’s unicorn may be riding off to Brussels, but when the EU shun her ‘new mandate’ and they will, the prospect of No Deal looks ever more likely, I reported that Tory Whips were increasingly confident of getting her deal through. Yet reality strikes again, and the PM’s Alice in Wonderland character has come to the end of the line on her deal, she is all out of options, and her unicorn all out of steam. So, as she crawls back to our European counterparts, in the miraculous hope of securing concessions, it is worth grabbing some popcorn, as this nightmare drama is only at the interval.


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