UK businesses plan mass exodus if Tories allow no-deal Brexit.

The British chambers of commerce have warned that its members are planning a mass exit if May allows no-deal Brexit.


Thousands of British companies plan to leave the country should parliament fail to regain control over Brexit. Parliament is entering a crucial week in which MP’s will attempt to regain control over the Government. Their aim? To delay Brexit and prevent no-deal becoming reality. The BBC says that companies who have already undergone relocation are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’. Britain needs to be prepared for another economic crash should the UK leave without a deal. This means lower stock prices, higher inflation and lower wages. This will result in civil unrest and only increase poverty and homelessness.

Theresa May needs to make an urgent decision as to whether or not she will rule out no-deal. Failure to do this will result in an unstable economy. The government needs to puck up its ideas, or we won’t have the Britain we know and love for much longer. We have come full circle, and find ourselves staring into the depths of the 2008 economic crisis again.



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