Brexit Turmoil: London Based EU Medicines Agency Relocate to Amsterdam.


The EMA, European Medicines Agency has closed its headquarters in London, Canary Wharf to relocate to Amsterdam. This shut down will cause a loss of  900 jobs and after 24 years of operating the headquarters lowered their European national flags on Friday night.

The EMA has for many years operated to protect and promote public health through monitoring and evaluation.  However, with the UK exiting the European Union by the end of March, the EMA was forced to close down because pharmaceuticals regulation should be practised in member states. 

Its relocation has forced many to come to the realisation that Brexit will have an effect on various organisations across the UK.

The EMA tweeted the following from their official Twitter account with over 39 thousand followers:

Today, EMA staff lowered the 28 EU flags and symbolically said goodbye to their London offices. Guido Rasi expressed his thanks to the UK for its contribution to the work of the Agency and for having been a gracious host of EMA since 1995.


Final Comment from Editor- Heidi Boahen

We are finally starting to see how Brexit will affect businesses and organisations in the near future. So far we have solely been informed about predictions and what experts have projected to happen to the UK once we have officially exited the EU in March. However, we are now slowly seeing the Brexit turmoil affecting organisations within the country. Here we have the EMA HQ closing down due to Brexit which indicates a great loss for not only London but also the whole of UK. For many years the UK has been benefiting from EMA’s operation through monitoring and protecting public health. Additionally, the loss of 900 jobs will have a greater effect on the UK’s labour force and it is safe to state that we should expect many more individuals losing their jobs due to Brexit. The relocation of EMA may be good news to Amsterdam however, for the UK this is a significant loss.



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