Tory Whips increasingly confident that May’s EU deal will pass.

It appears that Theresa May may in fact get her Brexit deal through the commons after developments in recent days, which suggest the EU may be softening its stance on the deal. Particularly as the EU looks at the terminology on the backstop, the principle of a hard border would still be avoided under the deal, but Michel Barnier has spoken of ‘operational checks’, to get the DUP on side.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, despite continuing unwillingness to compromise on the core principles of the deal, is looking at some of the deal to see if there’s anything they can do without compromising the principles. (Long-winded, we know.) Though significant opposition to the backstop still remains, there are positive signs emerging, for example a softening tone from Hard Brexiteers.

John McDonnell called the Chancellor of the exchequer ‘gutless’, as he refused to come off the fence and rule out a no-deal Brexit. This is despite the Chancellor warning that a no-deal would be extremely damaging for the U.K. economy, with GDP estimated to shrink by 11%-15% over 15 years.

Analysis by Deputy Editor in Chief – Seb Chromiak

Who would have thought? There are still significant hurdles and challenges ahead for Theresa May, but Tory whips have an increasingly positive outlook towards the possibility of the prime ministers deal getting through parliament. Those Tory and Labour MP’s looking at a closer relationship between the U.K. and EU will look to the negotiation phase to ensure as close economic ties as possible.

Moderate MP’s have in recent days secured concessions on keeping the U.K. as closely aligned to the EU legislative agenda as possible, including on worker and environmental rights, along with several other promises.

Several commentators have noted that party is often prioritised over country, and if the PM gets this deal through, it will ring true once again. Not only would this save the Tories from a general election but also from further political embarrassment.


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