Government survives as vote of no confidence fails

The vote of no confidence called by Jeremy Corbyn has failed. The government won the vote 325 to 306 just one day after a humiliating defeat in the Commons on May’s Brexit transition deal. However, the numerous rebels who voted against her Brexit deal voted to keep May in Downing Street. The DUP maintained their confidence and supply deal and voted with the government.

May stated afterwards she would “deliver on the result of the referendum”.

The leader of the opposition has not ruled out tabling more votes of no confidence in the government as Brexit progresses. Labour Party policy is to push for a general election, to enact their own Brexit policy, and only a successful motion of no confidence in the government can deliver this before 2022.

The PM will have to present a “Plan B Brexit” within 3 days of her deal being voted down. If this second deal is not approved then the UK could head for a No Deal Brexit.

3 Tory MPs have said they would vote to bring down the government to prevent a No deal but this is not enough to swing the vote. It is unclear on the DUP’s position on a No Deal Brexit though the threat of a hard border in Ireland could be a serious threat to the peace in Northern Ireland.

Labour will now face increasing pressure to back a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit to break the Parliamentary deadlock. There are a number of Tory MPs who’s loyalties could be won by promising a People’s vote on Brexit.

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