The World Is Doomed And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

Take a look at the world. What do you see?


Do you see the vast, open plains of Africa? The forests in Malaysia, seething with life and sounds? Or do you see the other side of the planet? Do you see the corruption, the famine, the thirst, the sickness or the pain? Because I see both, and it saddens me. It saddens me because I see beauty, but not friendship. I see wealth, but it’s not shared. I see happiness, but it’s outweighed by despair. I see the problems and the solutions, but I don’t see any empathy, any reconciliation, or any forgiveness.

I take a look at the world… our world, and I see a mother. I see a mother, struggling to feed her children. I see a mother who stands by and watches her children eat, while all she has, is a solitary, and miserable, piece of fruit.

You see, that’s the problem with our world. The potential is always there, but it’s withering away, at the hand of its inhabitors.

The rise of Far-Right extremism in the UK and indeed, across the world is alarming. Jair Bolsonario has recently taken office in Brazil, resulting in an incomprehensible rise in Brazillian stock market prices, at an incomprehensible cost. Donald J. Trump continues to play his little boy games with Mexico and continues his obsession with the wall. Which, by the way, will never be built. Tensions continue to rise in France, with Macron’s policies unwaveringly upsetting our French friends. Here in the UK, we continue to prove that Britannia does not rule the way, with public support rising for far-right extremists like UKIP and Tommy Robinson.

In fact, Brittania has never really, ruled the way. We traded slaves, invaded over three-quarters of the world, and raped local tribes of their resources. We suppressed Women from voting, we continue to discriminate against people of different ethnic backgrounds and we haven’t closed the gender pay gap. Women are without free essentials like tampons and sanitary towels, leaving the very poorest in society to bleed, all over some of their only clothes. There is a lot wrong with this country… our country. And we are the only ones who can change that.

Because, my friends, the title of this opinion piece was deliberately misleading. We CAN do something about it, and we must. The world is in a deep and dark place. Brexit is looming, and uncertainty and division in the UK, is not unlike that of a civil war. The rise of far-right extremism is reaching its peak, and the civil unrest, disruption and downright murder in Isreali and Palestinian territories, cannot go on. Anti-Semitism, is the newest insult to throw into the dictionary, regardless of what was actually said. We live in a world where the “blue tick brigade” are just simply superior to everyone else. A narcissistic world.

Speaking of narcissists, you forgot to pick that piece of rubbish up didn’t you, you know the one. You looked at it on the high street and thought; “Nah, I don’t want to touch that, it’s manky, it’s probably been there for days.”. Well tomorrow, you’re going to pick it up. Climate Change is a real risk, and it’s already taking effect. I’ve been on this planet for 16 years now, and I’ve seen the climate change, bloody hell I’ve felt it! I’ve seen pictures and videos online, of turtles with plastic straws, embedded in their brains. I’ve seen birds, with stomachs filled with plastic, I’ve listened to 24-hour videos, containing sounds of the rainforest, and I’ve heard chainsaws. You need to stop being so obsessed with your own needs, and start paying attention to others, open your eyes, and see, for the first time.

So, take your eyes off the stock market. Focus your attention, focus on the things that matter. Focus on the Daniel Blake’s of the world, focus on the people who need it most. Focus on your family, on your friends. Ask them if they’re okay. Focus on the world, and how you’re making it better, one step at a time. Because if we all make the world better, well, the world can breathe again. And it’s inhabitants, human-kind or not, can live in harmony. Spread love, not poverty.

These are words, that should be echoed to your local Tory MP. Rebecca Pow, who just so happens to be my MP, recently claimed that, and I quote; “The people of Taunton Deane have told me they have more money in their pockets than ever before” Rebecca, my father is a floor layer, he’s had surgery on his back last year, and broke his leg three years ago. He works through excruciating pain, because he doesn’t have a choice. The government say he isn’t eligible for benefits. Despite him not being able to work a lot of the time because of the discomfort he is put under. All to find himself living off £20 every month. My mother is almost entirely reliant on other people. For a human who practically raised me and my sister on her own, she has coped incredibly well. Her benefits are being slashed. I see how it’s destroying her, I see how it tears her apart. Then there is me. A sixteen-year-old with a dream. I don’t draw attention to myself, like my influencer counterparts. I’ve never spoken at a labour conference, but I have a dream. Just a young lad from Somerset, with a dream, of human harmony. I’m no hippy, I just want everyone to look after each other. I’m no communist, I just want total equality, I’m no capitalist hater, I just want the same opportunities for everyone.

The problem we have, in the UK at least, is ridiculously unfair media bias. The Guardian, is arguably the only pro-labour mainstream newspaper we have, with the rest either identifying as Lib Dem or Conservative. The BBC, who consistently confuse impartiality with balance, continue to have an extreme bias to both sides of the political spectrum, depending on who you’re talking to. My friend and colleague Seb Chromiak wrote a fantastic piece on Andrew Niel, after he continually prevented Owen Jones from criticising The Spectator, a paper which Mr Niel chairs.

You can read about that here

So in conclusion. There is a whole lot wrong with this world, and there will be a whole lot that my generation inherit. It’s up to us to fix it. I’m calling on you. I’m calling on you to make a difference, to change the world. To alter the way people think. To change your outlook and see for yourself, just how much the world needs you.


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