Parliament Vote Against PM’s Brexit Deal by Considerable Margin

Parliament voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, with the Prime Minister losing by 230 votes.

This means the Prime Minister will likely try to regain support from her MPs. May’s Conservative party remains incredibly divided. The PM will return to the EU and plea for a revision to the deal, with the Northern Ireland backstop being a major talking point.

No Deal remains a very real possibility. Should the UK leave without a deal, GDP and the GBP will likely go into freefall. This will result in increased shop shelf prices, increased unemployment and more homelessness.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will likely call a no-confidence vote in the government tomorrow. However, it is unsure what effect this will have. For Labour, the ideal is that the House of Commons votes to call a General Election. This would give Labour a very good opportunity to rid the Tories of power. Nevertheless, the result remains very unclear.

The Prime Minister will likely return to her deal and present it to parliament once more, in a desperate attempt to regain the support of her Conservative MP’s. This means she will likely face defeat once more.

It is unsure as to what will happen next, but we can all agree on one thing. This Government is unfit to deliver any kind of Brexit.


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