Jeremy Corbyn Tables Motion of No-Confidence in Government

Jeremy Corbyn has tonight tabled a motion of no-confidence against the government.

This means parliament will have an opportunity to vote. MP’s will have to choose between two options, those options are as follows;


– I have confidence in the Government of the current day.

– I do not have confidence in the Government of today.


It is unknown as to whether this motion will be successful. Should it be, Theresa May will likely be forced to resign, and there will be a snap general election. During which members of the public will vote on who there local MP’s are, and, ultimately, who the Prime Minister will be. Jeremy Corbyn will see this as a massive opportunity to get his Labour Party into government. Smaller parties such as the SNP and the Liberal Democrats will be canvassing ferociously to gain seats and put them in prime position to form a coalition government to overthrow the Conservatives.

The future is uncertain, but this stands as a very good chance for Labour to gain seats against their Tory counterparts, and, ultimately try to gain governance.


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