Former MI6 and Defence Chiefs Write Letter to Warn PM’s Deal “Places National Security into Foreign Hands”

Former Head of MI6; Sir Richard Dearlove and former Chief of the Defence Staff; Lord Guthrie have written a joint letter to Conservative Association Offices urging MP’s to vote down May’s deal over Security Concerns.

Dearlove and Guthrie, who served as Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service and Cheif of Defense Staff Respectively, warns May’s deal will alter relationships with the EU drastically. Buried deep in the agreement lies an offer of a ‘New, deep and personal relationship’ with the EU in defence, security and intelligence which cuts across fundamental national security policies including membership of NATO,  our Bilateral Defence and Intelligence Relationship with the USA and the Five Eyes intelligence service.

Downing Street sent an immediate response to the letter, signifying the importance and cruciality of the warning. The Go

vernment rebutted the letter, which Dearlove and Guthrie claim indicated a “worryingly poor understanding of the issues” resulting in our national security being placed into foreign hands.

Dearlove, who currently serves as Chair of Board of Trustees of the University of London, lead MI6 from 1999 to 2004 and is a very well known and trusted figurehead. Guthrie is widely respected throughout the country and is known for his intense, strategic thinking. The decision by the former MI6 employees is widely reflected to be a public backing of ‘No-Deal’, with both being well aware that May and her government have repeatedly stated that the only way to prevent ‘No-Deal’ is by voting for the Prime Minister’s deal. It is unlikely for them to U-Turn and advocate for a second referendum, which continues to gain popularity, considering the duo’s strong Euroscepticism.

This serves as yet another blow to Theresa May’s botched deal, with the Prime Minister already delaying parliaments vote on the deal until January 2019. This was because the PM believed her deal wouldn’t get enough votes to pass through parliament. Delaying the deal was a last-ditch attempt at buying some time to convince MP’s to back her deal, resulting in her own MP’s calling a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, which she won by a mediocre margin. With May facing her second defeat in Parliament within the last 24 hours and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn confirming Labour will table a motion of no confidence in the Government if her deal is voted down, things are looking bleaker and bleaker for the PM.


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