New funding for mental health services, as 1 in 4 expected to suffer from mental health illnesss every year

Theresa May has announced a new 10-year economic plan for the National Health Service, speaking from Liverpool.

Speaking from a conference from Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool set up specifically to announce the move, Prime Minister Theresa May mentioned the plans were about “reshaping” the NHS around the needs of its patients and described how the NHS will spend the extra £20 billion allocated to it by 2023.

However, The President of the Society of Acute medicine has criticised the strategy for it’s “staggering” lack of attention given to the problems faced by hospitals.

The plan will see all child cancer patients genetically tested to maximise treatment efficiency, and all long-term care patients will have alternative care methods explored, such as home care. It is believed these plans will empower patients to take control of their own treatment through active community projects.

Mental health care funding will be increased by £2.3 billion, and GP and community care schemes will receive £4.5 billion.

The extra funding was announced by Mrs May as part of a ‘Brexit dividend’, which was one of the goals outline in the Vote Leave campaign, but the Treasury has clarified this extra funding may instead be derived from tax rises an would require economic growth.

Labour has said the plans are not enough to cover the staffing shortages currently faced by the NHS in the uncertainty of a Brexit Britain.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said the plans were simply the Conservative government trying to “clear up a mess” they had made from years of NHS cuts.

Labour has also questioned the Conservative Government for it’s stance on immigration, stating that the Government is driving prospective staff members from the European Union away, of which the NHS recruits a considerable number each year.

However, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has stated that these vacancies are not the same as shortages, and these roles are filled by temporary staff until a permanent replacement can be hired.


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