DUP Double down on commitment to vote against May’s Brexit deal.

The DUP has doubled down on their commitment that they will not back Theresa May’s Brexit Deal in its current form. This comes as Theresa May’s team has been briefing journalists at the Times that they expect no further movement from the EU either.

It comes after Lord Hain and Lord Murphy who are both former Cabinet members, called on MP’s who are stopping Brexit to back Mrs May’s deal as a hard border risks returning to the “violence and murder which killed thousands of people” which was stopped by the Good Friday Agreement.

Journalists from the Times have reported that Theresa May is hoping that the threat of a No-Deal Brexit will be enough to convince politicians in the House to back her deal. A No-Deal Brexit by the Government’s forecasts would mean a 9.3% retraction in GDP over 15 years, many other economists have the figure at nearer 15%.

The vote is due to take place on the week beginning the 14th of January, just a week before the British legal deadline for having a deal in place expires. The party once known for security, is struggling to secure votes for the most important economic and political change in a lifetime.


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