I support the calls for a ‘People’s Vote’, but I maintain my full support of the Labour Party.

Recent articles, following an exclusive interview with The Guardian, suggest that the Labour Party has altered its course on Brexit – assuming Jeremy Corbyn wins a General Election.

There has been an assumption that if Labour won a General Election, then they would abandon Brexit. Does this assumption have any basis, or not?

The official policy of the Labour Party, from the Conference in 2018 is to support Brexit – but, if the current proposals are dismissed then all options must remain on the table, including a Second Referendum.

The priority has, and will continue to be, a Snap General Election in 2019 – which has been predicted by Corbyn in an interview with the Sunday Mirror.

Corbyn, in the interview which has received a lot of backlash, also reaffirmed: ‘I’m not a dictator of the party.’ He stressed that the official policy cannot be set unilaterally, implying that there is room for manoveour.

He was queried about the official stance that would be taken by the Labour Party, in the event of another Referendum. He responded: ‘it would be a matter for the party to decide what the policy would be; but my proposal at this moment is that we go forward, trying to get a customs union with the EU, in which we would be able to be proper trading partners.’

It is clear that he respects the democratic will of the people, but remains open minded – as he stresses that policies are not set by himself but by the Labour Party.

However, Mr. Corbyn has come under intense criticism from some within the Labour Party. They claim that his comments are a ‘betrayal’ and fail to represent the membership of the Labour Party.

^ Supporter of the Blairite Government, J.K. Rowling, likened recent events to Biblical Stories.

I recognise there are growing calls for a ‘People’s Vote’, but it should be noted that this interview reveals no major changes in Labour’s policies toward Brexit – this orchestrated fury has no foundation and seems to be an attempt to target the leadership of the Labour Party.

I support the calls for a ‘People’s Vote’, but I maintain my support of the Labour Party. We have a choice at the next election – more austerity and more cuts, or a social agenda that truly helps those within the United Kingdom.

Corbyn has been forced into a corner and he requires support – otherwise him and his socialist agenda will be lost for generations. He remains open minded toward Brexit – and his agenda is the official agenda of the Labour Party.

Besides, if I had to pick between a Labour Brexit or a Conservative Brexit, well, the choice wouldn’t be difficult. I would also rather have no Brexit.

If he abandons Brexit then there will be social upheaval, hence it is crucial that it fails but is not abandoned. He is playing the game of politics well and maintains our best interests – we should maintain our support.

Lobbying, protesting, and campaigning are effective tools for voicing concerns and I assure you all that the concerns have been heard by the Labour Party.


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