Osborne: Tories Facing ‘prolonged period’ in Opposition

George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, has issued a warning to the Conservative Party.

He claims that the party must become more socially-liberal and pro-business, otherwise will face electoral defeat in a General Election.

He believes that the Government is actively trying to avoid a Snap General Election.

He said: ‘There is a way of course for the government to avoid that [General Election] and they are terrified of an election – they can themselves embrace a referendum’.

He believes that discussions of a referendum have been occurring, but these claims are denied by officials in Downing Street.

Mr. Osborne criticised the path being pursued by Theresa May. ‘I think she should have started where she has tried to end up, which is a more conciliatory partnership with the European Union’, he said on BBC Radio 4.

He further stated: ‘I think that was essentially a massive mistake by the Conservative administration – which it was punished for at the general election – because the Conservative Party decided to embrace the Brexit result in such a way as to essentially dismiss the views of those who had voted remain, treat them as saboteurs or traitors and run against urban Britain.’

His comments come amidst growing pressure on the Government to abandon their current proposals regarding the withdrawal from the European Union.

However, the Government reaffirms that this deal is ‘the only deal’ and will act in the ‘national interest’ – a claim refuted by the Opposition Parties.

Comment from Thomas Howard, Editor at TPN:

George Osborne’s comments are a damning indictment of an inept Government. He claims that his former colleagues are not acting in the national interest, as there are active attempts to avoid a General Election.

He has condemned the treatment of those individuals who voted ‘Remain’ in the Referendum in 2016 – he believes that they have been wrongly criticised by the majority of the Conservative Party.

It is clear that these issues continue to cause societal divisions and that more harm is being made – which is largely the result of the ‘Brexit’ being pursued by the Conservative Party.


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