Corbyn Predicts Election in 2019

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror the Labour Leader predicted a General Election in 2019. He said: ‘The Government is going to struggle. It may well resign. There may well be a general election. And I can’t wait.’

Mr. Corbyn has come under intense criticism from some within his party, after he stressed that if he won an election then he would still pursue Brexit and honour the EU Referendum.

He stressed that he would continue to oppose the current proposals, and if elected would re-open negotiations with the European Union.

He said: ‘I’m determined to hold this government to account, vote the deal down and reopen those negotiations’.

In a private meeting with the Shadow Health Secretary, Mr. Corbyn learned of some of the problems set to face the National Health Service. He said, ‘For example, insulin isn’t made in the UK – it has to be imported from Europe.’

He has not succumbed to pressure to abandon Brexit – as demanded by some within the Labour Party. Mr. Corbyn respects the referendum result and will strive to achieve a deal that protects manufacturing and does not leave people poorer in the United Kingdom.

Concerns have also been voiced by members within the parliamentary party, with Clive Lewis MP posting this on Twitter:

It seems that some loyal campaigners have doubts about actively campaigning for the UK to leave the European Union.

Comment from Thomas Howard, Editor at TPN:

Corbyn has not given into growing pressure to abandon Brexit – he recognises that doing so will cause social upheaval within the UK.

Instead, he wishes to fight for a deal that operates in the interests of the majority of people in the UK. His aim is to appease ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’.

But, is this enough? He has come under intense criticism and has alienated many members within the Labour Party. Yet, the fact remains that it will be a government led by the Conservatives or Labour.


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