Tories sneak out £85m cut to Public Health services.

In traditional Tory fashion and in a year where Philip Hammond announced that austerity was coming to an end, the Tories have published 12 ministerial statements on a day when most MP’s have already returned to their constituencies. One of them includes the announcement that there will be an £85 million cut to Public Health services.

A Labour press statement said the following:

“It’s the clearest evidence yet that ministerial promises on the NHS are entirely hollow.

“These swingeing cuts will fall on a number of vital community based health services such as those that support for mothers and babies, tackle obesity, help people stop smoking, sexual health services and specialist drug and alcohol treatments. Cutting them is short sighted and means more people becoming seriously ill who should have been supported placing wider significant pressures on the NHS.

To release bad news on the final day before parliamentary recess is not uncommon, but does not make it any less shameful.

Despite the rhetoric that the Tories provide on funding for the NHS, cuts such as these will undoubtedly increase the strain on the health service in other departments.


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