BREAKING: Liz Truss met with Koch Brothers funded Cato institute on taxpayer funded trip.

Unearthed’, yesterday broke the story that Liz Truss, the Secretary to the Treasury had discussions with think tanks that are linked to the Koch brothers during a trip to Washington DC. The trip was funded by taxpayers.

Crucially, Liz Truss met with the Cato Institute on the 17th of September, the Cato institute is a Libertarian think tank that lobbies for smaller government, environmental regulation rollback and advances the cause of the Capitalist class. To meet with an institute that is founded by an individual that favours amending a countries constitution in order to restrict the power of elected representatives should be deeply concerning, especially in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. Such constitutional reforms are common place in Europe, look at the case of Greece’s budget surplus…

A No-Deal Brexit, for the Libertarian faction of the Conservative party, for example Jacob Rees-Mogg presents an opportunity to utilise the ensuing crisis. Crises are a fundamental instrument of initiating neoliberal reforms, such as rolling back worker rights and eradicating progress on environment protections, or as neoliberals see them, barriers to profit.

I won’t bore you with the history of the Koch brothers and their quest to restrain the power of elected representatives, but I will direct you to the fantastic book, Democracy in Chains by Nancy Maclean. It was the inspiration for my maiden article for TPN and tracks the Koch brothers incessant push to punish the poor. Charles Koch asked the neoliberal economist James Buchanan to study Vladimir Lenin’s tactics of rule and apply it to the neoliberal cause.

The Koch brothers have spent Billions on political candidates, in order for them to advance their cause and ensure that the neoliberal ideology lives on. Their training of judges at Princeton University has meant that the Libertarian cause is now deeply embedded in American political and legal culture.

Liz Truss has links to several think-tanks in the U.K. that advance similar causes, if you value British democracy, for all its flaws, the links that Tory MP’s have with such think-tanks should worry you. Which is why the IEA and the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which Truss has regular contact with, view Brexit as an opportunity to slash regulations and cut taxes.

Shadow Treasury minister, Clive Lewis, told Unearthed that Truss’ meetings with “dark money” groups linked to the Koch brothers:

“tells you, if anyone was in any doubt, what the motivations of Brexit are for the vast majority, not all, of Conservative MP’s. When they say ‘take back control’ they’re talking about taking back control for a small group of wealthy individuals.”

“That ultimately is what Brexit is all about, Brexit is about understanding that Europe, as neoliberal as some people think it is, is actually a bulwark in many ways against deregulation and liberalisation.”

Analysis by Deputy Editor-in-Chief – Seb Chromiak

Liz Truss like her colleagues won’t be thinking of you on the 29th of March in the case of a No Deal Brexit, they will likely crack open the bottle of Don Perignon from the comfort for their over-sized homes and begin to celebrate. Fore they will have achieved what no-one could have imagined, and day by day they will start to repeal your worker rights, further inflict austerity on the poorest in our society and redistribute wealth to the top 0.1%.

This will have been years in the making, Rees-Mogg et al. present themselves as being on the side of the working person, this could not be further from the truth. If you’re angry reading this, you deserve to be. Consider whether it really matters if Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a stupid woman, in my eyes it could not make a single straw of difference, the Tory party truly are a party for the few. Though that realisation may come too late, for too many.


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