Embarassment for May as EU Leaders shun her requests on the legal text.

Theresa May has once again been shunned by Europe’s top politicians as she bid to persuade them to edit the legal text that will navigate Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The Prime Minister has come under severe criticism for the backstop arrangement that will keep Northern Ireland in the EU, in the scenario where there is no deal agreed. This is in order to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

In her latest setback, Brussels rejected amending the legal text, and have committed to soft promises that No Deal is in no-one’s interest, meaning the embattled PM has limited assurances on the backstop.

EU Leaders dined without Theresa May last night and were this morning expected to provide a statement that would have seen the EU compromise on the Irish backstop. The Times, has reported that EU leaders are keen to send MP’s a message that no further concessions are forthcoming. A worrying development, for a drowning leader, that is surely in the latter stages of her premiership.

It was a controversial U-Turn from the EU and has inflicted further worry amongst the PM’s team that her deal won’t get through parliament.

Theresa May was captured in a frosty exchange with Jean-Claude Juncker, where she accused him of calling her ‘nebulous’ at the very dinner where it was decided the EU would not back the PM. In her press conference later in the day, she said that such comments were made on ‘the level of debate’ within British politics and had not been directed towards herself.

TPN has published a breadth of opinion pieces discussing our options going forward, including this fantastic piece on how remainer’s must learn from their mistakes if the opportunity of a 2nd referendum did arise.

Analysis by Deputy-Editor-in-Chief – Seb Chromiak

Countless times I have now reported on Brexit, unlike a good novel this is the latest chapter is yet another setback for a Prime Minister that has grossly mismanaged our exit from the European Union.

Long gone are the days of the shouts that no deal is better than a bad deal, the EU has been clear that this is the only deal, and Britain’s inability to negotiate an alternative against the institution on the continent has confounded our place in the international order.

Embarrassment and awkwardness are just two of the characteristics that have marred her premiership, from Jean-Claud’s imitation of her dancing, the nightmare that she has lived must soon conclude as she awakens.

The reality she now faces is defeat in the common’s as the ERG know that if her deal is voted down, they have come to the realisation that a Vote of No Confidence in Parliament is soon on the horizon.

Tactically, this could not have gone better for the European Union, the general perception within the British media was that they would offer some concessions and that there was a behind-closed-doors agreement that the EU would work with her when things back home got difficult. This is not the case, it is another frank realisation that the EU is getting tough on those that may think about leaving. There is no best of both worlds. With Britain leaving the EU with this deal, there is no best of any world.

The outdated imperialist views that have masked Brexiteers utopian vision for leaving the EU have never been so irrelevant, the illusion that the EU 27 (twenty-seven) would cave, is typical of this. For May, she will once again return empty-handed, keeping the wolves from the door will be harder this time.


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