Theresa May survives no confidence vote

Theresa May has survived the vote of no confidence against. 48 Tory MPs wrote to the chairman of the Conservative Party triggering a vote of no confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party.

117 Tory MPs voted to express no confidence in May but this was not the 158 votes required to trigger a leadership contest.

The required letters came in after Theresa May delayed the vote on her Brexit deal as she realised it would not pass the house. May went back to the EU to attempt to get more assurances on the deal.

Labour have said they will wait for May’s deal to be voted down before launching a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons.

Theresa May has confirmed she will not fight a general election as Tory leader in 2022.


The ERG forced through this confidence vote because of her actions regarding the Brexit vote. What now for her deal?

She has so far resisted calls to have the vote before Parliamentary recess, but there is speculation amongst MP’s that she will suspend Parliament early in order to avoid defeat before Christmas.

It is shameful that the very sovereignty Brexiteers and the PM alike have referred to when justifying leaving the European Union is being disregarded in favour of ego boosting, and party self-preservation. 

May will hope to get the vote on her deal as late as possible so her threat about it being her deal or No deal become reality. Should Labour fail in their no-confidence motion they face a decision that’s implications could last decades for British politics. Whether to back a 2nd referendum on Brexit.

Her Premiership

Labour will launch a vote of no confidence in the commons once her deal is voted down so she might have to face another general election. However, the success of such a motion would rely on the DUP supporting Labour. It is unclear whether May would lead the Tories into that snap election but whispers out of Downing Street seem to indicate she definitely not lead the Tories into the next election if it is after Brexit’s completion.

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