SNP will propose no confidence vote unless Labour do

The SNP leader in the Commons has called on Jeremy Corbyn to demand a vote of no confidence in Theresa May by the “close of business today”. He said that if Corbyn didn’t then the Scottish National party would organise one. 

Ian Blackford said earlier that he would have a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn today, but Labour sources later said the meeting had been postponed. They added that “there was no prospect of the party tabling a no confidence vote imminently”.

Traditionally, motions of no confidence would be submitted by the leader of the opposition in order to try to oust the government and trigger an election. According to The Guardian however: “SNP sources said the party believed it could also table such a motion after May’s decision on Monday to delay the Brexit deal vote. Parliamentary sources said the SNP was correct in its interpretation of the rules but would have to wait for one of its allotted days, which there are none left this year”

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, rejected the idea that Labour would table a no confidence motion imminently, saying: “We’ll put one down when we can win it. We’ll make a judgment.

“The prime minister’s going off to see what she can get in terms of renegotiations or whatever. We’ll see what she brings back”.

Crucially, the Tories would likely win a confidence vote if they retained the support of the DUP, which has said it is opposed to May’s Brexit deal as it stands but would only vote against the government if the Commons passed the deal unchanged.

The news will come as the latest blow to Theresa May, who was today told by Angela Merkel that there is “no way to change” the Brexit deal agreed between the EU and the UK. May will travel to Ireland tomorrow to meet Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. She will also speak to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on the phone.


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