Mike Wood MP has threatened to resign over Brexit

More resignations are likely to follow a Guardian report has revealed. Mike Wood, the parliamentary private secretary to the Trade Secretary and pro-Brexit government aide has told Theresa May that he would quit his job without backstop changes.

Non-surprisingly he has said he will vote against the government on Tuesday’s crucial Brexit vote, which leaves the Prime-Minister with quite the arithmetic problem.

Chief Tory whip, Julian Smith is scrambling to get Tory MP’s to support the deal and reports suggest that the strategy is now about damage limitation. Theresa May feels that if the margin is smaller enough, faced with a re-vote and an impending general election, MP’s would reluctantly go with her deal. It’s a risky strategy, at best.

It comes after a series of resignations over the proposed deal.

A series of polls has shown that the public do not back Theresa’s deal and Yougov recently revealed that 68% of people think that the government’s handling of Britain’s exit from the European Union has been badly handled.

Public opinion, in general, with 600 constituencies across England, Wales and Scotland favouring Remain over either No Deal or May’s deal.

Analysis by Deputy-Editor-in-Chief – Seb Chromiak

All too many times we have written that this latest crisis may spell the end of Theresa May, yet she survives.

However, this time may be different, for a number of reasons. Firstly, time is running out, and the EU have made it clear that they will not budge – it’s this deal or no deal.

Secondly, to lose a vote of such scale, will likely mean that Labour will push ahead for plans of a Vote of No Confidence, something I warned against last week, but a course of action that they will no doubt go for anyway.

Next, to lose a vote of such proportion would be calamitous, and I have no doubt that the 1922 Chair would also be receiving a few more letters from Tory MP’s. Hard Brexiteers would have solid ammunition to go at the Prime Minister with.

Yet despite everything, Tory MP’s fear Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for Britain the most. With a No-Deal situation now off the table, if May loses the vote, the country will have to consult their conscience and decide whether they want to stay in the European Union with a People’s vote. Such a U-Turn will not heal the wounds that this vote has caused, nor is it the answer to the crisis that austerity has inflicted. All the same, leaving the European Union is not the resolution that Brexiteers sold you.


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