Welsh Assembly votes to reject May’s Brexit deal- Holyrood expected to do same

The Welsh Assembly has rejected May’s Brexit deal in a symbolic vote in the Welsh Assembly, Holyrood is expected to do the same later today. With the DUP also against May’s deal and Sinn Fein’s position being murky at best it means the PM has the support of none of the devolved nations of the UK.

Mark Drakeford, who is expected to become Welsh First Minister this month, said the deal fails to meet the “fundamental interests” of Wales and the UK. 34 AMs backed a motion to oppose the deal with 16 AMs voting against.

SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dem members at Holyrood will back a motion rejecting May’s deal but so far have been unable to unite on an alternative.

Neither votes are legally binding and are only symbolic.

Labour’s Welsh AMs originally tabled a motion that was criticised for being unclear on its position regarding the deal but Labour AMs instead backed a Plaid motion that was strongly opposed to the deal. Plaid’s motion called for the UK to stay in the single market and the customs union, and this is now considered the official position of the Assembly.

Labour Financial Minister Mark Drakeford, who is the left wing candidate and expected winner of the ongoing Welsh Labour leadership election, said Wales would be “better off remaining in the European Union”.

He said:

“I hope this national assembly will send a clear message this afternoon that the deal which has been negotiated by the prime minister is unacceptable.”

The motion passed on Tuesday called for a general election or a 2nd referendum if the UK government cannot get its deal through the House of Commons.

UKIP and Tory AMs opposed the motion. Tory leader in the Assembly Paul Davies stated that members should back the deal as: “the clock is ticking, and this is the only deal on the table”.

A UKIP motion that was pro-Brexit but rejected the deal only gained 5 votes.



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