Michael Fallon brands Brexit deal as ‘worst of all worlds’

The former defence secretary said Theresa May should send her negotiators back to Brussels for two or three months in order to secure a better deal. 

Michael Fallon, the Conservative MP for Sevenoaks and former May loyalist told the BBC’s Radio 4 Today Programme that he will vote against what he described as a “doomed” deal.

He said: “[It has] no guarantee of smooth trade in the future and no ability to reduce the tariffs that we need to conclude trade deals with the rest of the world. So, unless the House of Commons can be persuaded somehow that those are possible then I think, yes, the deal is doomed.”

He also argued that postponing the leaving date for “two or three months” would be “in the best interest of the country”.

Fallon was forced to step down in late 2017 after sexual harassment allegations. He said his “previous conduct” towards women had “fallen below” what was acceptable.

Yesterday, Donald Trump told reporters that “if you look at the deal, they [the UK] may not be able to trade with us”. Fallon echoed this: “He’s the President of the United States, and if he says it’s going to be difficult, then it certainly looks like it’s going to be difficult”.

Despite the criticisms, Fallon does not believe that a leadership contest would help the situation. “I don’t think changing the leader actually is going to affect this. It’s the Government as a whole that needs to see that this deal at the moment doesn’t work for Britain”.

The current current estimates do not look good for the Prime Minister. Her coalition partners in the DUP, as well as many Tory MPs have promised to vote against her Brexit deal. The Labour Party are also likely to do so.

The vote is penciled in for 11th December.


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