Theresa May Launches Desperate Appeal to the Public


Theresa May has launched an appeal to members of the public in the United Kingdom. She claimed that the public gave her a mission ‘to honour the result of the referendum’ and ‘secure a brighter future for our country’. Her comments come amidst her trip to Brussels to secure a deal with the other 27 member states of the European Union.

The Prime Minister further claimed that her deal would ensure that ‘we’ would ‘take back control of our borders’; ‘take back control of our money’; and ‘take back control of our laws’. Her comments, reminiscent of the pledges espoused by the Leave Campaign in the 2016 Referendum, has led to a backlash from members across the House of Commons.

Labour MP Ian Murray labelled the letter an ‘utter work of fiction’ and claimed that the Prime Minister was ‘desperate’ following the growing opposition to her deal for Brexit. Dissenters within the Conservative Party have also been sharing their concerns on social media, with this comment being made by Sarah Wollaston: ‘Not a brighter future, just dimmer & diminished. There is no valid consent to this Deal without a #PeoplesVote’

Frustrations have been growing, particularly in light of issues surrounding Northern Ireland and Gibraltar – which could leave Mrs May without the support of the DUP in Parliament or Spain within the European Union.

Analysis from Thomas Howard, Editor at TPN:

This last-minute appeal is an utter act of desperation from someone struggling to maintain their position and the support of the DUP. It seems that this letter is not an appeal to the entire nations, but an appeal to those dissenters within her party who have felt betrayed by the path being pursued by Mrs May and Downing Street.

It appears to be a final bid to thwart any opposition from leading Brexiteers. It is unlikely to be successful, as the level of frustration on social media suggests that there is a lack of confidence in the Prime Minister and her handling of the withdrawal from the European Union. I should also note that many are calling for a ‘People’s Vote’.


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