Government ignores funding requests; investigation reveals only 4% of London tall blocks have sprinklers

A Labour Party investigation has revealed only 4% of London council blocks have sprinklers.

The investigation was compiled by Shadow Housing Minister Sarah Jones MP. The investigation has revealed over 800 tall council blocks across London do not have sprinklers installed. Further, it was revealed that not one council request for support has been accepted by the current Government.

Labour has issued renewed calls for a Government Fire Safety Fund and a number of fire experts have called for the provision of sprinklers in tall blocks.

What is the governments’ response? 

Several councils across London have seen budget cuts since 2010 and they have been denied funding for sprinklers and other fire safety measures. The Government has stated they do not believe the work is essential.

Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, stated:

“It’s simply contradictory for Ministers to say that sprinklers aren’t essential in older buildings while requiring them for new buildings”. This obvious creation of a two-tier system which unfairly impacts social housing tenants is unfair and has to be challenged. Sprinklers have proven to work and must be installed!

A final comment- From Editor- Heidi Boahen

This is absolutely shameful. The Prime Minister has stated she will do whatever she can to keep our people safe. However, 18 months after Grenfell, high rise council blocks are still lacking installed sprinklers. Sprinklers are not only essential for preventing fire in a building but it has also been proven to save lives, the main reason why fire safety measures should be funded. The Government must set aside the funding to install sprinkler systems in all housing and council tower blocks. The governments’ priority should be preventing another tragedy such as Grenfell.


Heidi Boahen

Heidi was born and raised in Germany and moved to the UK at the age of 14. She has a degree in Sociology and Social Policy and a Masters in Human Rights, Culture and Social Justice. She believes in rights and equality for all. She is also currently working for an MP in the Labour Party within the House of Commons.

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