The Brexit Draft Agreement – As it unfolds…

Theresa May has made a statement to the House of Commons about the draft Brexit agreement. TPN outlines the key features of the deal-

  • The government is still unsure as to how our future trading relationship will look. The agreement, leaves open the opportunity to potentially have full regulatory alignment in return for full access to the Single Market. It also allows a future government to not align with the EU but this will cause the erection of trade barriers.
  • The BBC reported that France was pushing for a ‘level playing field’ deal, where in return for access, the UK had to strictly follow EU rules and regulations, on topics such as goods, workers rights, and environmental protections.
  • We will be leaving the common agricultural and fisheries, Theresa May has said that the UK government has rejected a trade-off between a closer trading relationship and non-control of such policies.
  • The deal does NOT propose friction-less trade.
  • The Irish backstop which will involve Northern Ireland staying in a customs-union is to be the basis or ‘springboard’ for any future trading relationship, something that has caused outrage amongst Brexiteers.

The economic partnership should ensure no tariffs, fees, charges or quantitative restrictions across all sectors, with ambitious customs arrangements that, in line with the Parties’ objectives and principles above, build and improve on the single customs territory provided for in the withdrawal agreement which obviates the need for checks on rules of origin.


  • EU Citizens will have guaranteed rights to remain in the U.K. as will British citizens in the European Union.



Jeremy Corbyn-

These 26 pages are a testament to the the Government’s bungled negotiations. This deal is the worst of two world’s, no certainty over the future, and no say over the rules that we will have to abide by. There is no concessions over the backstop which would create a new regulatory border, down the Irish sea.

Chuckles round the Common’s as Corbyn points out that the Government has written less than one page a month, since the referendum.

Corbyn says that migration policy has taken priority over jobs. Theresa May’s comments on EU Nationals have come under deep criticism, where she labelled them as having jumped the queue. Labour, have pointed out the contributions EU citizens have made to the economy, and also the hypocrisy in such statements, where she presided over a deeply hostile immigration policy to non-EU nationals.

More to follow.

Analysis from Editor – Seb Chromiak

Here we have the deal, finally. In reality, it doesn’t really tell us an awful lot. In fact it’s an open-book situation. It has neither gained the support of Labour, or her right-wing extremists that have come to dominate the Tory agenda.

Interestingly though, for her successor it allows them to navigate a deal as they see fit, whether that be an ERG inspired Brexit or a soft Brexit.

As Corbyn has highlighted the government has yet to secure a new Customs Union agreement and this puts the manufacturing industries at serious risk, particularly those car manufacturers that have called for certainty, to secure their Just-in-Time methods of production.

Where Parliament must be careful is the deal being voted down and it cascading into a situation where there is no-deal, this plays into the hands of ERG many of whom want a no deal Brexit.


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