Join the fight to change the law surrounding homelessness

Whatever your political persuasion, homelessness has no place in a twenty-first century Britain. But, with the current law governing what constitutes so-called intentional homelessness- you couldn’t be blamed for thinking otherwise.  

At present, under the law, many tenants who are served ‘notice’ are encouraged by their local council to remain in their home; for, if they leave, they are bizarrely classified as ‘intentionally homeless’ and are therefore unlikely to qualify for priority housing, being placed instead on a waiting list

Conventional wisdom would say that if a tenant is served notice by a landlord, then they must leave. However, local councils are now increasingly encouraging tenants to remain until a landlord is able to obtain a County Court Judgement in which bailiffs forcibly remove a tenant as this is the only way a tenant can qualify for long-term rehousing under the current law.

This is cost prohibitive and a source of distress to both tenants and landlords and must be changed, after all, being served ‘notice’ is not an act of intentional homelessness. A landlord could serve notice because he or she wants to retain their property, which is not the fault of a tenant.

To address this issue, I have created a petition which I hope will reach 10,000 signatures so that the government may respond to the concerns of many thousands of tenants in this position.

I ask you: sign and share this petition and let us end the unnecessary distress caused by this needless technicality.


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