McDonnell says general election ‘difficult to get’ but Labour could form minority government

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, has said Labour should form a minority government if Theresa May’s Brexit plan fails to pass Parliament.

The PM has travelled to Brussels to strike a final deal with the EU today.

The Chancellor said the government is in disarray with its deal with the DUP in tatters and its Brexit deal unlikely to pass Parliament.

On Monday the deal between the Tories and the DUP looked like it had collapsed as the DUP abstained on key votes to the government’s finance bill and then went on to vote with Labour.

Yesterday this forced the government to accept all of Labour’s amendments to the bill.

McDonnell today stated:

“We just can’t go on like this. We just cannot go on with this instability, uncertainty that there is in government, day by day and sometimes hour by hour,”

McDonnell said if May’s deal was to fail after renegotiations with Brussels Labour should be given a chance to form a government.

McDonnell said the general election that most Labour supporters want is extremely difficult to get saying:

“If that’s denied us then we will be pressing for a general election, but as you know you need that two-thirds majority it’s very difficult to get. Anything could happen at that stage.”

At an event, McDonnell confirmed Labour would support a 2nd referendum if Labour is unable to force a General Election, going on to say there was no majority for a No Deal in Parliament. Labour are manoeuvring to prevent a No Deal via an amendment to bills in Parliament.

Analysis from Iwan Doherty- Editor in Chief

McDonnell is naive if he thinks Labour can hold a minority government together. If Conservatives are strugging to keep the DUP in line its nothing compared to Labour holding together every party bar the Conservatives. They’d need to offer some big Brexit incentives to the Remain parties. Labour should try for a general, and failing that a 2nd referendum.


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