Momentum launch campaign to encourage MPs to vote down May’s Brexit deal

Momentum have launched a campaign to encourage all Labour MPs to vote down May’s Brexit deal and push for a general election.

Momentum will aim to mobilise members to contact their MPs expressing their desires for a general election and for them to vote down May’s Brexit deal.

Momentum will use to help Labour supporters contact their MPs, a series of viral videos criticising May’s deal, and a petition calling on Labour MPs to vote down the deal. They’ll also conduct a fundraising drive.

Momentum have run similar campaigns against the vote to bomb Syria and in favour of giving the franchise to 16-year-olds. These campaigns mobilised tens of thousands of Labour members to contact their MPs. 

The campaign follows a Momentum consultation which revealed that 92% of members surveyed want Labour MPs to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal if it fails Labour’s six tests. 

 In July, a vote on the Customs Bill saw 4 Labour MPs vote with the Conservatives, saving the government from defeat and a possible general election.

John Taylor, a member of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group, said:

Corbyn and Labour members have been clear, this Tory Brexit deal fails Labour’s six tests, will be a disaster for our country and Labour MPs must vote it down. Theresa May has finally cobbled together a half-baked deal that risks plunging the country into chaos, putting the interests of her party before that of the country.This is not a deal or no deal situation. Parliament will have many more opportunities to oppose a no deal, an option that the government hasn’t seriously prepared for because it’s not likely to happen.Defeating the Tories is our best opportunity to rollback privatisation, increase living standards and rebuild Britain for the many. We can vote down the deal, push for a general election and elect a socialist Labour government.

No Labour MP has publicly stated they will back May’s deal and May does not have anywhere near enough support in the Commons to pass her deal due to rebellions from the right of her party as well as the DUP not being happy with the deal.



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