Mueller’s Russia election inquiry seeks more information about Nigel Farage

Robert Mueller is seeking more information about Prominent Brexiteer Nigel Farage in his investigation about Russian meddling in the US presidential election, raising more questions over Russian links to the UK’s Brexit referendum.

Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, said prosecutors working for Mueller questioned him about Farage as well as Ted Malloch, a London-based American academic with ties to Farage.

Corsi confirmed to the Guardian those conducting the investigation were asking about Farage stating

“They asked about both Nigel and Ted Malloch, I can affirm that they did but I’m really not going into detail because I respect the special counsel and the legal process.”

Corsi and several other conservative political operatives have been under investigation by Mueller for months in relation to the theft of Democratic party emails in 2016 by Russian hackers.

Farage has denied all allegations about Russian interference but it is well known prominent Euroskeptics have received Russian support in the past including figures like Marine Le Pen.

Corsi said the questions were about“Predominantly US politics, but of course, Brexit was in the background.”

The investigation had previously taken interest in one of the main financial backers of the leave vote, Aaron Banks. It was reported Mueller had obtained communications that Banks had conducted with Russian diplomats.

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